Social Media for Nonprofits: Driving Altruism

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This is the second part of our ongoing series devoted to social media for non-profits. In the first installment, we offered basic tips to help elevate social media efforts for your association.

A recent Forbes article by Roger Dooley, “Nonprofits: Driving Behavior with Social Media,” explores “the huge opportunity that social media offers to nonprofit groups.” In fact, social media provides many nonprofits unparalleled exposure for little to no cost. By appealing to members’ altruistic instincts, nonprofits can use social media to drive retention, memberships, and donations.

To highlight the possibilities of social media for social good, article author Dooley uses Facebook’s promotion of organ donation. The campaign spurred an unprecedented +2,000% increase in organ donation sign-ups and earned a lot of buzz in the process. Your association can use the same principals on a smaller scale to achieve success (after all, we don’t all have the backing of Mark Zuckerberg).

Dooley states that “humans are wired for altruism” and he offers examples in evolutionary biology that illustrate this statement. But, how can a non-profit use that to gain support? By publicly acknowledging, thanking and encouraging donations on your social media page, non-profits can reward and publicly recognize altruism. This drives behavior in two ways; it feeds members and donors natural inclinations for altruistic behavior and provides positive recognition and rewards for giving.

Are you curious about some other ways to use social media to drive behavior for your non-profit? Try these tips:

  1. Share Successes. By sharing successes on social media, your non-profit association is providing positive proof of how donations help carry out your mission.
  1. Tell Stories. According to The Zen of Social Media Marketing by Shama Hyder Kabani, you shouldn’t be afraid to share success stories and explain why you are proud of a project. Just be sure to … “do it gracefully and genuinely. People are smart and can usually sense when you aren’t being genuine.”
  1. Use social media to get online PR. Kabani also explains that bloggers and reporters often follow Twitter and other social media for stories. So, if you are sharing genuine content on these channels, try to make friends with these folks. According to Kabani, “They need stories as much as you need the press.”

Social Media Tips and Tricks for Non-profits

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We see our client organizations on Twitter all the time, doing a great job showcasing their association and their members. But, everyone can use social media tips to make their jobs easier, and if you are just starting out in your social media strategy, this post on will help you get started.

Whatever your social media skill level, the tips below will help you be more efficient and effective with your social media efforts. This is the first part in a series of posts with the best social media tips and tricks compiled just for our non-profit clients.

  1. Create a consistent voice. “Having a (social media) strategy in place will ensure that a consistent voice and relevant content is shared across platforms and throughout advertising and promotions,” says Becci Hart of Intermark Public Relations (as cited in the Birmingham Business Journal, July 19, 2013). Make sure that whoever is interacting on social media for your association (even if it is multiple people) share a similar style and feel across all social media channels. This will help your content resonate more with your audience.
  2. Create a community of colleagues.  According to Shama Hyder Kabani’s book, The Zen of Social Media Marketing, it is important to create a “community of colleagues” on social media. So, follow other association executives that are active Twitter users, follow other associations, and be sure to become active with those other users. Feel free to share tips and tricks of your own. That is, after all, the best of what social media can offer business users.
  3. Don’t forget to monitor your feed!  Most of what happens on Twitter happens on the fly so monitoring your feed on a regular basis (say once an hour if you have the manpower) is a great way to keep up with the chatter.  There are several great resources (some paid and some free) for doing this:  Hootsuite offers a great free version that allows you to monitor multiple streams on Twitter at once. You can even monitor LinkedIn and Facebook accounts from the Hootsuite dashboard. Best of all, you can schedule your posts in advance with the same service. Other great Twitter services that have similar functionality are Tweetdeck and TwAitter (now
  4. Keep an eye out for keywords on Twitter. Many of these dashboards will let you set up streams to monitor keywords or trending topics of your choice.  This works similar to Google Alerts in that you get all tweets featuring the chosen keywords. For Example, if you want to hear the latest news on group exercise, you might set up a stream to follow the hashtag “#groupexercise.”  The service, TweetBeep, will even let you set up email alerts for keywords that you are really interested in.

Stay tuned to Daxko’s Industry blog where we will be offering Twitter and other social media tips and tricks as an ongoing series.

Top 10 @Daxko Peeps to Follow

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In case you haven’t noticed, @Daxko is all over this Twitter thing.  We’re big believers in the power of social media and like to walk the walk – not just talk the talk.

Almost half our team members reside in the Twittersphere.  We use the tool to communicate product announcements to customers “in the Twitter know” (shout-out to @GregLee).  We’ve even incorporated Twitter functionality into our products – for example, you can easily tweet about an online donation you just made through Daxko Operations.

But, this post is about helping you cut through the tweeting masses to get the real scoop on what happens in the Daxko Nation.  Allow me to introduce my “Top 10 @Daxko Peeps to Follow” list… (drumroll, please)

#10: @BMSummerville – As a member of @Daxko’s Leadership Team and local YMCA board member, you can count on Britney to promote the happenings of Daxko, the mission of The Y, and her fave Auburn Tigers!

#9: @DawnHRrocks – You’d never know Dawn was new to life at Daxko.  Follow her and you’ll stay in the know about Daxko and the world of recruiting/interviewing/career development/etc.

#8: @justinknelson – Justin’s a networking machine and his Twitter stream shows it!  He’s a member of @Daxko’s Sales Team, of course, and can be counted on for local event and org news every social soul should know.

#7: @MelissaWeems – Marketing mind.  Event extraordinaire.  Get a taste for all things Daxko when you follow this fellow tweeter.

#6: @willsansbury – Will’s also new to the @Daxko Team, but brings an eclectic mix of design speak and Daxko 411 to the Twitter world.  He’s also representin’ for the new ATL office Daxko’s slated to open later this year.

#5: @kcscrawford – Katie keeps it interesting with a steady stream of @Daxko info plus quirky accounts from her life as a designer diva.  And, I dare you to try and find a grammatical error in any of her tweets!

#4: @joshgrenon – Josh is one of @Daxko’s uber talented developers.  You can count on Josh to tweet the techie stuff, with just enough local flavor to keep it interesting for us non-geeks.

#3: @Kristi_Merritt – Job seekers, take note!  Kristi, @Daxko’s Talent Scout, is always tweeting about @Daxko and other local events, resume do’s and don’ts, and career opps at Daxko and in the community.

#2: @DaxkoDave – a.k.a. Daxko’s CEO.  Need I say more?  Spend some time in Dave’s Twitter stream and you’ll get a nice blend of @Daxko, local tech community, and industry news.  Plus, a sprinkle of Auburn football, of course!

#1: @Daxko – This one’s a no-brainer!  We’re not one of those wannabe companies that creates but never actually uses our Twitter handle.  No, sir.  You can count on a flow of info and a variety of topics.  (Disclaimer: You will see some crazy photo and video links tweeted.  Do not hold those against the Nation as a whole.)