Trends & Opportunities: Member Communication

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A hefty 28% of respondents said mass e-mail (to the entire membership database) is the most frequently used way to communicate with existing members. 19% are starting to use tools for more targeted communication. 26% of respondents reported using social media as the primary way to communicate with their membership.

Vertical-Bar-ChartIn terms of the most underutilized communication channels, participants agree that text messaging is often overlooked. 37% admit they use that channel the least when communicating with members. However, power of text should not be ignored. Fundraising via text (i.e. text-to-give campaigns) has proven particularly valuable for impulse giving towards disaster recovery efforts. For example, according to Pew Research, text donations accounted for $43 million in Haiti earthquake releif in 2010. “This new mode of engagement offers opportunities to philanthropies and charitable groups for reaching new donors under new circumstances as messages spread virally through friend networks.” (Pew Research, “Real Time Charitable Giving,” January 2012).

Another study linked text reminders for parents with improved flu vaccination rates for children. When a group of parents was given text reminders for their children’s flu vaccine, more than 60% of parents described the reminders as either “the main reason or part of the reason why they brought their children…The parents said that , as well as the text messages providing useful reminders, they also liked how the messages provided information in a quick way that did not require talking to anyone.” (“Flu vaccination rates improved by text reminders,”” Medical News Today, December 2014).

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Trends & Opportunities 2015: Expected Budget Growth

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A survey of more than 350 professionals at YMCAs, JCCs and community centers reveals that survey respondents are cautious in their financial forecasts for 2015. Daxko’s annual Trends & Opportunities report shows 45% of respondents predict an increase in their operating budgets over last year; down 10% over their predictions for 2014.

All together, 95% of respondents report their operating budget increased or stayed the same.



Of those who predict a budget increase, the top contributing factors are increased membership sales and increased program revenues.




Top reasons cited for budget declines include decreased competition as the primary driver with closing branches ranking second.

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Trends & Opportunities Survey: Major Gifts

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Daxko surveys executives and professionals in the member-based nonprofit market annually to find out their biggest challenges and successes from the prior year. For our 2014 Trends & Opportunities Survey we had 288 respondents, 84% of which were executives. Organizations of various sizes participated in the survey, with operating revenues ranging from less than $1,000,000 to greater than $30,000,000. Here we dig deeper into the results for major gifts.

Leveraging relationships of board members and staff members tops out as the main methods for identifying prospects for major gifts ($1,000+). Still, digging deep with current donors and elevating gift values must play a big role.

“A major gifts program is the most cost-effective fundraising strategy,” according to Julie Sistrunk, Daxko T2 Consulting Direct of Financial Development. “Major gifts provide the greatest return on investment with 80-90% retention on these important gifts.”

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