Hired, Trained, now REACH

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We have started asking our recently hired team members if they wanted to contribute a post to the Culture Blog sharing their experience or thoughts after they have been with the company for about 30 days or so.  Here is one from Kirsten B who joined the Product Strategy Team as an Interaction Designer.

I had no idea what to expect walking into the office my first day at Daxko. Going to REACH on my third week of employment was a very similar experience. As an Interaction Designer I get to see the background stuff every day, but being able to see the front end of our company was probably more valuable than the two weeks I spent in the office.  We have an amazing team at Daxko, and I feel most comfortable calling them family after spending time in Nashville with them. Our team was full of smiles, open to listening and making notes of what customers had to say, and excited to do their part. If someone didn’t know the answer to a question, they found someone who did. It was great to see our team members working together to make the conference a success. It further proved that Daxko is a culture of it’s own. And we take it with us wherever we go!

The customer exposure was great; hearing feedback from people, learning what I can do to help put their suggestions and criticism into action, and making connections.  Also as a newbie, it was valuable to see the programs from the eyes of people who use the programs and from the eyes of the people who make the programs happen.

The best part of REACH was getting to meet more of my “family” members in the office. The Daxko peeps were all so open and accepting! As an introverted person, REACH was totally out of my comfort zone. The team members introduced themselves and included me, advised me, and made me feel at home in a new, strange “front-end” kind of role. I am happy to say I now have some new lunch buddies and more faces smiling at me every day because of the memories we made outside of the office. By the last night of REACH, I had even made a few “extended” family relationships with customers. Shout-out to my new Facebook buds, you know who you are! I can’t wait until REACH next year, where I can be like my team members were this year, seeing familiar faces, hugging necks, and life updates! Daxko truly is a family and all about making lasting connections with our customers and with each other.

As a newbie, I could not have asked for a better first month at Daxko experience! It was the best three days of people overload this introvert has had yet!

Kirsten Reach2

User Testing at Reach: Uncovering the “Why”

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“It only takes 5 users to uncover 80% of high-level usability problems.”   – Jakob Nielson


Jakob Nielson is often considered the leading expert on usability testing. And, according to Neilson, usability is “a quality attribute that assesses how easy user interfaces are to use. The word ‘usability’ also refers to methods for improving ease-of-use during the design process.”

Daxko tries to incorporate usability and user experience testing as often as we can, but for five of the past nine reach customer conferences, we’ve also had a dedicated Usability Lab where all attendees have the opportunity to provide feedback across a range of our software products. This is an opportunity for our software engineers to work one-on-one with our clients to understand how they use the products every day and how we can make those everyday tasks easier and quicker through software.

Why Usability Testing
In some ways one-on-one qualitative usability testing is more valuable than any survey we could produce and get 100 customer responses. Why? While quantitative testing (i.e. surveys) provides the “what,” qualitative testing (usability testing) provides the “why?”  We learn certain features are not working in a quantitative test but we learn the very important “why” they are not working with qualitative research.

The Daxko Approach
Traditional usability testing can be extremely regimented. At many companies, the end product of a round of usability tests is a bulky, boring report that nobody reads. We don’t want that. Here at Daxko, we take a more agile approach that really fits our company culture. We want to create actionable results, very quickly from our usability tests. We actually take that information straight back to the product teams so they can start prioritizing what needs to happen next.

Prioritize Future Product Functionality
Usability testing helps us prioritize features. Even with a very small sample size, we can quickly get a consensus on not only what the issues are but also what functionality is really needed. We are dedicated to finding the opportunities that will benefit the most customers, and we schedule updates accordingly based on what we find that will help the most people.

Are you going to our Reach user conference this year? Registration closes Sept. 3rd, so It’s not to late to sign up!

If you are going to Reach this year, sign up for our Usability Labs to have a say in the roadmaps for our products in the coming year.

Want to learn more? Check out this blog post on our collaborative design workshop at Reach 2012. And, check back next week to hear more about Daxko’s Reach Usability Labs and read examples of product functionality that has come out of usability testing at Daxko.


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With this being my first year to attend Reach; I went into the three-day experience with a mixed sense of what it would be like. I’ve attended annual company conferences in the past but they were the stiff, stuffy, stifling kind where everybody shows up begrudgingly and can hardly wait for it to end. These are the kind that make you wonder the point of having an annual conference in the first place. Now I am used to things at Daxko being just a little different and “all together better” but I couldn’t imagine how that would play out at a conference of over 150 Daxko customers.

Enter the Greater Charlotte YMCA. There had been a buzz circulating about a team of Daxko Engage customers that were planning to do a “rap” for Daxko. WAIT…Rap? Rapping customers? Rapping customers at a conference? No way!

Yes way! Jill Moore (left) and Isaac Hill (right) literally rocked the mic with a catchy rap about the benefits of Daxko Engage. The level of energy this duo brought, coupled with clever lyrics and a pretty darn catchy hook brought the entire crowd to their feet as we tried to sing along. The best thing about it was that they did all of this on their own, completely unprompted by anyone at Daxko! Here we were with a customer so moved by the value of our service that they were willing to create a memorable rhyme about it and perform it unabashedly in front of a crowd of over 200. It was awesome!

This experience was, for me, not only brag-worthy but a shining indication of the magnetic culture Daxko creates both internally and externally!

Karen J. is a Market & Member Engagement Evangelist who thinks coffee and Skittles are essentials for a healthy lifestyle.

Reach Is Over…Do You Have to Leave?

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Yesterday concluded our 2012 Reach Customer Conference. From all accounts, Reach was a success.  Many customers shared how they enjoyed the content of the sessions, the opportunity to network, the ability to interact with Team Members, and most of all the TRAINING!

We ended the day with a reception and tour of the Daxko office space.  See a few pictures of the gathering below.

We enjoy having our customers and friends here every year. We look forward to seeing you again next year! Safe travels!