5 Ways to Work Toward Nonprofit Success

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As we roll into Thanksgiving, I think about how grateful we are for our wonderful YMCA, JCC, and community center customers. On the sales team at Daxko we spend a lot of time counseling the people we serve about pain points at their organization. We love to be part of the solution for these organizations!

Specifically, this year there are 5 areas in which we have been working with YMCA, JCC and other software customers to move the needle:

1. Clear Messaging
Some of our customers struggle with messaging that defines who they are and this is the most important thing our customers can do. They have to show what they stand for so that the community will want to be a part of the cause.
Tom Massey of Daxko’s T2 Consulting is an industry expert in creating vision and leadership. T2’s Lori Swann helps nonprofits with marketing and messaging.
2. Scalable Tools
Tracking and communication tools are needed, but many YMCAs, JCCs, and community centers are unsure of how to begin a concentrated engagement effort. With staff outnumbering members 270:1, it is vital for nonprofits to be systematic about staying relevant to the members they serve. Watch the video on how the South Hampton Roads YMCA is using our software tool, Daxko Engage, to engage members in a systematic way.
3. Identifying Targets
How do you know which members at your organization need to be engaged with, and when? This is something we see quite often and it can have a complicated answer, which is why it is so important to stay organized. Software engagement tools can help with this. Watch the video on how the YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region is using Daxko Engage to reach out to specific members as they come into their facility.
4. Innovative Offerings
There has to be a match up between community need and programs/services provided. Our customers must ask themselves, “What motivates my members to be committed to healthy living?” Mike Spezzano from Daxko’s T2 Consulting group is the master of coming up with innovative offerings for nonprofits that focus on healthy living.
5. Partnerships
Strong, effective partnerships in the community are essential to propel healthy living. A few examples of partnerships for YMCAs, JCCs, and community centers would be hospitals, corporate wellness programs, local weight loss programs, etc.

Nonprofits in the News

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Here at Daxko we want to recognize great work and notable happenings in the markets we serve. That is why we have started our newest continuing blog series focused on the weekly news in the member-based nonprofit arena. Enjoy!

The new Haverford Area YMCA is now open to replace the smaller Main Line Y in Ardmore. This new YMCA features three pools, eighty pieces of workout equipment, and two 2-story water slides.

The Lynch-van Otterloo YMCA recently announced that they will offer the national Livestrong program thanks to a grant from the Lance Armstrong Foundation. This program is designed to help those dealing with cancer and cancer survivors live healthy, active lives.

London’s first American-model Jewish Community Center is now open in Camden. The facility, named JW3, is a “play on the local postcode, NW3,” and will feature a nursery, medical clinic, theater, sports facility, kosher restaurant and bar, “Zest”, library, and synagogue.

Social Media for Nonprofits: Driving Altruism

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This is the second part of our ongoing series devoted to social media for non-profits. In the first installment, we offered basic tips to help elevate social media efforts for your association.

A recent Forbes article by Roger Dooley, “Nonprofits: Driving Behavior with Social Media,” explores “the huge opportunity that social media offers to nonprofit groups.” In fact, social media provides many nonprofits unparalleled exposure for little to no cost. By appealing to members’ altruistic instincts, nonprofits can use social media to drive retention, memberships, and donations.

To highlight the possibilities of social media for social good, article author Dooley uses Facebook’s promotion of organ donation. The campaign spurred an unprecedented +2,000% increase in organ donation sign-ups and earned a lot of buzz in the process. Your association can use the same principals on a smaller scale to achieve success (after all, we don’t all have the backing of Mark Zuckerberg).

Dooley states that “humans are wired for altruism” and he offers examples in evolutionary biology that illustrate this statement. But, how can a non-profit use that to gain support? By publicly acknowledging, thanking and encouraging donations on your social media page, non-profits can reward and publicly recognize altruism. This drives behavior in two ways; it feeds members and donors natural inclinations for altruistic behavior and provides positive recognition and rewards for giving.

Are you curious about some other ways to use social media to drive behavior for your non-profit? Try these tips:

  1. Share Successes. By sharing successes on social media, your non-profit association is providing positive proof of how donations help carry out your mission.
  1. Tell Stories. According to The Zen of Social Media Marketing by Shama Hyder Kabani, you shouldn’t be afraid to share success stories and explain why you are proud of a project. Just be sure to … “do it gracefully and genuinely. People are smart and can usually sense when you aren’t being genuine.”
  1. Use social media to get online PR. Kabani also explains that bloggers and reporters often follow Twitter and other social media for stories. So, if you are sharing genuine content on these channels, try to make friends with these folks. According to Kabani, “They need stories as much as you need the press.”

Nonprofit Member Engagement Lunch and Learn

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Last month I used my professional development budget to attend the Business of Software conference in Boston. It was AMAZING, but that’s not what this post is about. One of my favorite talks of the conference, given by Constant Contact CEO, Gail Goodman, was titled The Long, Slow SaaS Ramp of Death. If you’re not familiar with Constant Contact, they help small businesses engage their customers. We know them as an email marketing tool, but they do a lot more.

One thing Gail talked about was the challenge Constant Contact faced of reaching their customers and proving to small businesses that email marketing was necessary and valuable. Not only did they have to build bridges to their customers, they had to educate them.

Then it hit me that as we move beyond our core markets at Daxko, we are dealing with the exact same thing.  We decided to test the idea of becoming a resource and educating our market and we decided to start locally. Last week, we hosted our first Nonprofit Member Engagement Lunch and Learn and invited nonprofits from around the area. We were hoping for 10 attendees, you know to make it look respectable. We got 30! Including many of the top organizations in Birmingham.

At the event we discussed various strategies for delivering amazing experiences that we’ve seen work. We used examples from some of our favorite companies like Zappos, Target, and Southwest, and also provided them with insights that we’ve learned first hand through our work with hundreds of other nonprofits. We didn’t pitch them, that wasn’t the point. Our goal was to educate them, create awareness, and get them thinking about engagement. It worked. Nearly everyone there was asking us to dig deeper into the various topics we touched on and most of the group took us up on our offer to tour the Engagement Center where the Daxko Engage magic happens.

All in all, we had a great time. We got to meet with some old friends, make some new friends, and share some great insights. I also believe that over time we’ll learn that it opened the door to new customers. In fact it went so well that we’ve decided to make it an ongoing event and we’ll soon be launching the Nonprofit Lunch and Learn Series!