Volunteering at Daxko Impact Day

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Friday, November 14 was my first Impact Day. For those that don’t know, Impact Day is a day when the entire Daxko Nation gives back to the community through volunteering. Although I have volunteered before, it has never been in such an organized fashion or with my coworkers. I moved to Birmingham recently and this was a great opportunity to start getting involved in my new community.

I went to the Birmingham Botanical Garden; these gardens are one of only nine free gardens in the United States! We created a bog garden, which will be the future home for Sarracenia alabamensis, the Alabama Pitcher Plant. This is a rare plant native to Alabama, and now all of the visitors of the Garden can learn about this interesting plant. We also put mulch on the walking trails, which had not been done for three years! It was great to help out and get things done that the Garden had not had time to do.

A lot of my group was actually team members that I work with every day in the Support department, but there were several people that I had not been able to meet just yet. This was a great way to meet different coworkers that I normally don’t interact with. It was also wonderful to see that we are all hard workers! Seeing everyone, including our President, Dave, getting dirty and spreading mulch when we’re normally at our computers working on the software was a pretty awesome sight!

This new experience that I had with Daxko was just another way I know I work for a great company. I can’t wait for our next Impact Day!

Puppy Love

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Friday, May 9, Daxko shut the doors (more or less) for our semi-annual Impact Day. (Not familiar with Impact Day? Read more about the Daxko Foundation here and Impact Day here.)

With 125+ team members sporting new Daxko Impact Day t-shirts (thanks Whitney!) and eager to “do good”, we divided into teams and spread out across 7 sites around the greater Birmingham area.

I was placed on the team that volunteered at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society, and gladly accepted my assignment. We were to spend the day socializing the animals, giving dogs a bath, organizing donated newspaper, and walking the bigger dogs.

Eager to please, we jumped right in and all found a dog in need of a walk, or a cat in need of some attention. (I’m not sure who was more excited about the day, Daxko volunteers, or all of the waiting-for-forever-homes pets.) So there we were, taking over the walking trails, play yard, and patio, showering the animals with love and attention—and then it happened. I met a dog, and I was in love. In. Love.

I texted my husband to come as soon as he could and meet her. He did, and even brought our three and half year old rescue, Molly, to meet her too. The new dog won my husband over quickly, and Molly gave her approval soon there-after. Before I knew it, I was walking into Daxko’s post-Impact Day celebration spot, Dave’s Pizza, with a new pup in-tow.

We’ve partnered with many great organizations over the years, but this Impact Day will always be so special to me. It always feels good to give back, but this year I feel like I got more than I gave. 

Impact Day Take Aways

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“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

During the month of November Daxko had its semi-annual Impact Day where 150 employees gathered together to work with Habitat for Humanity at various sites across the Greater Birmingham area.  I had the privilege of working in Clay, Alabama with a group of 25 fellow employees.

As we worked the day away I was struck by several things:

  1.  I have done a poor job of getting to know my coworkers.  I learned more in one day of community service with some coworkers than I had in 9 months of working alongside them.  Of course, I credit a portion of this to the paint fumes.
  2.  It is easy to miss the point sometimes.  Day to day we tend to live in a world comprised of numbers, individual tasks, and meetings.  It’s so refreshing to get out and serve.  This isn’t something that is directly adding to the bottom line of Daxko’s Net Revenue and at the same time, it is of infinite value for us as a company.  We get to find ourselves as we serve others.
  3. This is probably the most significant take away.  We added value to people’s lives with our work.  This simple fact was reinvigorating because it reminded me that I have the ability to do this every single day in a very real and lasting way.

Overall, my second Impact Day with Daxko was brilliant.  We worked hard, we talked a good bit, we served with vigor, & we ate pizza…….a lot of it.

Days like that remind me that we, as a company, have the daily opportunity to serve our customers with passion and zeal.  This is an essential foundation on which all other service decisions can be developed.

Nate W. is a Support Rockstar that believes that coffee is the lifeblood that fuels the dreams of champions

Extreme Makeover: YWCA Edition

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I was a fan of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition years ago when it first aired its heart-warming episodes.  I’ve since lost my enthusiasm for the show, but definitely not the philanthropic concept.  Plus, I’m a sucker for “before-and-after” tales of transformation!  Probably one of the reasons I was so excited to help in a local transformation (of a slightly smaller scale) earlier this summer.

Do you remember our posts about DAXKO Impact Day 2010? I spent the day at the Birmingham YWCA (a.k.a the only project that day with air conditioning).  There was no Ty Pennington onsite, but my 15 or so DAXKO crew mates definitely made the day interesting and entertaining!

We tackled a computer lab overrun with broken equipment, mangled cords, and literally hundreds of mice (computer mice, that is).  When we walked into the room that morning, it was pure chaos.  With a little (well, make that a lot of) elbow grease and effort, we worked to inventory, test, clean and organize the space.  The result?  {This is the part where you yell, “Move that bus!”}  A useful, safe and comfortable place for the women and kids of the YWCA to learn, practice their computer skills, apply for jobs and simply have fun!