Impact Day Take Aways

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“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

During the month of November Daxko had its semi-annual Impact Day where 150 employees gathered together to work with Habitat for Humanity at various sites across the Greater Birmingham area.  I had the privilege of working in Clay, Alabama with a group of 25 fellow employees.

As we worked the day away I was struck by several things:

  1.  I have done a poor job of getting to know my coworkers.  I learned more in one day of community service with some coworkers than I had in 9 months of working alongside them.  Of course, I credit a portion of this to the paint fumes.
  2.  It is easy to miss the point sometimes.  Day to day we tend to live in a world comprised of numbers, individual tasks, and meetings.  It’s so refreshing to get out and serve.  This isn’t something that is directly adding to the bottom line of Daxko’s Net Revenue and at the same time, it is of infinite value for us as a company.  We get to find ourselves as we serve others.
  3. This is probably the most significant take away.  We added value to people’s lives with our work.  This simple fact was reinvigorating because it reminded me that I have the ability to do this every single day in a very real and lasting way.

Overall, my second Impact Day with Daxko was brilliant.  We worked hard, we talked a good bit, we served with vigor, & we ate pizza…….a lot of it.

Days like that remind me that we, as a company, have the daily opportunity to serve our customers with passion and zeal.  This is an essential foundation on which all other service decisions can be developed.

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Why Impact Day?

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When I was originally asked to write a blog post about Impact Day, I was super excited.  I love Impact Day, but I struggled with what to share.  There’s a lot of great things about Impact Day, but why do I love it?

Impact day is awesome because we get to spend time with people in our company who we don’t see every day. It’s great team building. However, what’s more enjoyable about Impact Day is, funnily enough, making an impact. On each Impact Day project we accomplish something measurable.  We can really step back, look at what we’ve done, and be confident that we’ve accomplished something for the community. Real lives are both directly and indirectly changed with the help of our hours of labor.

While making a difference in my community truly brings me joy, I think there is one more component to my love of Impact Day. I believe Daxko hasn’t taken its success for granted.  Daxko has been blessed and has consciously made the decision to focus on blessing others.  Our team members, our customers, and our community all benefit from Daxko’s capacity to pay it forward.  Impact Day is at the top of a long list of ways Daxko goes about showing as much love as we’ve received. That’s the real reason I love Impact Day.

Impact Day 2011 – Tornado Relief Team

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One of great things about Daxko is that, as a company, we believe in giving
back to the community.  Impact Day was established to allow all of our team members the opportunity to volunteer in a joint effort to give back.  Twice a year Daxko will close the doors and focus on helping the community in a variety of ways. Last year, those who participated in our Inaugural Impact Day experienced a different kind of team building activity that led to a lot of laughs and even more sweat.

The planning for this year’s Impact Day was headed by four team members: Austin M., Mary K., Mallory H. and Trent K.

I had the opportunity to ask them some questions regarding the event.

How did you feel when asked to be a part of the planning team for Impact Day?

“I was excited. I have been trying to find a way to volunteer and this offered the opportunity.” – Mary K.

“I think that it fits perfectly with Daxko’s motto “all together, better.” We can work together to help the community.” – Trent K.

Were you personally affected by the tornadoes?

“My dad had been working in Cordova and was there when the storm came through. [After telling my mom that I was okay], she broke down into tears and explained my dad had to dart into a church because a tornado was on its way in their path. Huddled with families and small kids screaming, he knelt in a corner and began to pray as he heard it approach. A major part of the 2 story church collapsed around them, but they were able to dig out of the church unharmed. The Lord put hedges of protection around my dad, and for that I am so thankful.”  – Mallory H.

What was tough about planning this event?

“Trying to find where we can help.  It was hard to plan because many organizations could not project what they would need 3 weeks in advance. Things would change day to day. We were working with moving pieces up until a week out.“  – Mary K.

What do you hope our team members will feel from participating in Impact Day?

“A sense of accomplishment. It is hard work, hot and not necessarily fun, but you will be doing for someone else.” – Trent K.

“I am hoping to get a renewed sense of focus on the importance of supporting people around me who are in need. We get so caught up in our daily grind and our own “problems” that it is easy to lose sight of the fact that there is huge need all around us and that it is up to us to help.” – Austin M.

We currently have 78 team members scheduled to participate in Impact Day on Friday, June 3.  Each team member has been assigned to one of two projects. A team member can help build a house with Habitat for Humanity or help sort and stock donations at a Pratt City donation center located at Scott Elementary School.

“All together, better”