YMCA General Assembly: Twitter Recap Part II

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As everyone who attended last week’s General Assembly of YMCAs reported, it was motivating, it was valuable, and it was fun. So, as everyone is drinking their much-needed coffee and waking up after the big event, we thought that tweets from the action would provide an excellent recap. This is our second part in our General Assembly recap series. Showcasing tweets and insights from the last two days of the conference. Enjoy!

Day 3 – Saturday, July 20, 2013









Day 4 – Sunday, July 21, 2013






YMCA General Assembly: Twitter Recap Part I

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While YMCA General Assembly has concluded for now, those who were unable to attend and those who just want to relive the conference may wish to do so through social media. This year the Twittersphere was full of 140 character insights, images, and musings. There was so much information out there we felt it would provide an interesting look back. Here is the first part in our sampling of the 2013 General Assembly of YMCAs , or #2013GA:

Day 1 – Thursday, July 18, 2013








Day 2 – Friday, July 19, 2013












Connect with Daxko at YMCA General Assembly

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Don’t Miss Daxko at Booth #608

It only happens once every three years, and Daxko will be there! Twenty-one Daxko team members are counting down the days until they get to pack up and fly to Philadelphia for the four-day General Assembly of YMCAs beginning July 18th. If you’re also planning to attend, we know your agenda is already jam-packed with stimulating sessions, opportunities for professional development, and social events; we hope you’ll find time to connect with team Daxko while you’re there. Here are five ways you can meet us in Philly!

1. Let Us Know You’re Coming and Enter to Win an iPad Mini

Check out daxko.com/ga to let us know you’re coming to General Assembly, and we’ll enter you in our pre-conference drawing to win an iPad Mini! While you’re browsing around, be sure to check out details about the events we’re hosting, as well as our “Connect with Team Daxko” page.

2. Pre-game with Us Before You Tackle the Conference

We’re teaming up with our friends, The Redwoods Group, to kick off General Assembly! Join us at Field House Philly for a fun, laid-back networking event with food and drinks. It’s all happening on Thursday, July 18th, from 8:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. Let us know you’re coming! #GameOnGA

3. Visit Our Booth and Score Swag

Team Daxko will be stationed at booth #608 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, and we want to see you there! Stop by our booth during exhibitor hours to learn how our solutions can help you take your membership, contributions, and mission up and to the right. Plus, enter our daily iPad Mini drawings and enjoy other goodies and Daxko swag!

4. Party with Us at the YMCA Bash

We’re proud to sponsor the big YMCA Bash on Saturday, July 20th! Join us and other conference attendees at the convention center Terrace Ballroom from 7:30 p.m. until 10:30 p.m. We’ll have food, drinks, nonstop entertainment, and dancing with the fabulous Sensation Showband. With a major prize giveaway and fun surprises in store, this is a blowout you won’t want to miss!

5. Get Social with Us

Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and stay connected with us before and during the conference. We’ll keep you posted with updates, drawing winners, and more.

What’s Your Tradeshow Personality?

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you’ve no doubt heard about DAXKO’s recent visit to the YMCA’s General Assembly where we had the opportunity to meet thousands of attendees. Like any conference, one of the more interesting things to do is cruise the vendor exhibit area – if nothing else than for the cool freebies.

For someone like me who doesn’t attend a lot of tradeshows, it was interesting to observe the different ways people engage (or don’t). If you’re manning a vendor booth, you learn pretty quickly that everyone has a unique tradeshow personality. Here’s what I experienced…

  • Family – The best is when DAXKO is greeted with hugs and squeals by those we work with every day, but only get to see at a conference once a year. Think family reunion! All recent kid and pet pictures are whipped out immediately. Followed quickly by plans for drinks later to catch up on old times.
  • Talkers – You have the occasional person walk up and start talking even if they have no idea who you are or what you do. They want to hear your story, talk about football, or anything else on their mind. Very unlike the person who came to talk to you for one reason, gets their information and is on their way, it’s never a problem to strike up a conversation with a “talker”.
  • Avoiders – How do you identify someone as an avoider? They walk at break-neck speed by your booth. Try their best to not make eye contact. Flip their lanyard over so you can’t see their name. Or pretend like they’re having an important conversation with their fellow avoider… even though it’s obvious theyre not.

My question to you is… What is the best way to approach these different groups and engage in conversation? Some of my tactics this week were…

  • Stand in the middle of the aisle, so they’re forced to either walk around you or talk to you.
  • Flash my pearly whites and say, “Hi. How are ya’ll doing?” Sounds pretty simple, but when you emphasize “y’all” with a precious Southern belle accent, you get their attention.
  • Offer them anything free. Free always works… always.
  • Ask what organization they’re with as you invade their personal space and flip their lanyard over.

I’d be interested to hear your ideas for approaching these folks.  Hit me in the comments.