More Staff Engagement with Members at Pikes Peak

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I recently had the opportunity to speak with Ariella Franco, the Member Experience Director at the YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region in Colorado Springs, CO about the work they’ve been doing with Daxko Engage. Franco mentioned that her YMCA has recently acquired some new centers that effectively doubled the size of their association. “There aren’t enough hours in the day for us to reach out to everyone. We needed a resource and Daxko Engage was that resource for us.”

When asked about the decision to go with Daxko Engage, Franco said, “We needed a connection with members that was more consistent and more systematic. We didn’t have a way to really target people before. We offer new members a fitness goal setting appointment and we wanted to take that and extend that out to create more touch points with our members.”

Franco explained what first intrigued her about Daxko Engage, “It was exciting from the perspective of being able to see your members as they scan into your facility and the integration with Daxko Operations. Daxko Engage offers a pleasing interface and it’s easy to use.” She said the ability to give different roles access to the same information was appealing and would allow staff to build off of other interactions with a member. The YMCA staff “should be engaging with members and non-members with the same information.”

As for examples of benefits of using Daxko Engage, Franco said, “With Engage we really can look to see how new members are doing and now we know more about them. We’ve added a 30-day phone call that didn’t happen before we implemented Daxko Engage. During that call we can prompt members that haven’t used their fitness appointment to sign up and we have noticed an increase in those appointments. Daxko Engage is really the best tool for this type of systematic communication,” said Franco.

Finally, Franco had some advice for those looking to launch Daxko Engage. She urges new Daxko Engage users to set up some time to talk with other successful Daxko Engage users and find out how they have found the most success with the software.  That way, “before your association launches, you can have some solid initiatives in place.” She also mentions that once you have initiatives that will help you train your staff on specifics that will apply to their day-to-day tasks.

Daxko Engage Success Story: Peninsula Metro Y

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Recently we caught up with Nancy Byrum at the Peninsula Metro YMCA and talked to her about how they use Daxko Engage to engage with their members and staff. Shortly after our interview with her, she sent us a story that one of her staff had brought up. For the purposes of the story, we’ve replaced the member’s name with a fictitious one. Enjoy!

“Mrs. C . is a member at the Victory Y.  She is also a Donor.  Recently, Mrs. C. filled out a termination form.

While using Engage, Mrs. C. came up on my call list to try to recapture her membership. 

I phoned Mrs. C. and she said that her husband had just returned from Iraq and life was crazy and they really enjoyed the Y but expenses were very tight and she could not justify the cost.  I had her membership info pulled up and noticed that her husband had been coming in quite often since his return.  I also noticed throughmember-360-pagethe Engage 360 page that she has 3 school age children that have engaged in several of the programs.  With that immediate knowledge, I was able to suggest to Mrs. C. that her husband may need the Y for some stress relief and decompression from being gone.  I also mentioned that she may need some time for herself.  I also brought up our Kids Night Out, where just her and her husband could safely leave the children at the Y and go on a date.  Then, I was able to offer the option of signing the children up for up-coming programs.  We also discussed her financial situation and she felt very relieved and comfortable with the options that I was able to provide.  At the end of our phone call, she wanted me to call her back the next day so she could talk to her husband.

 I followed up with her the next day, she decided to not only keep her membership, but add her husband permanently, and sign her children up for classes.

Engage has played a pivotal role in being able to capture these terminations and make a difference in people’s lives.  Engage provides an extra step to customer service, going above and beyond to get families engaged in their community. “

Daxko Engage Success Story: YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region

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Engagement is on the surface very easy to grasp – a smile as a member checks in or a follow up call with a new member – but, it is also something that often gets thrown by the wayside with members outnumbering staff 270:1. Daxko Engage can help! At the YMCA General Assembly conference this year we had the chance interview Theresa Johnson to find out how the YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region is using Daxko Engage to really connect with members.

Pikes Peak Engage Success Story from Daxko on Vimeo.