Delighting in Disney

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One thing I love about working at Daxko is our generous professional development budget. This year I set my sight on Disney Institute’s Disney’s Approach to Leadership Excellence after hearing glowing reviews from other Daxko Disney Institute alumni. It did not disappoint!

A few of the things that stuck with me from my course:

  • Overmanaging. Disney overmanages certain aspects of their business that other companies undermanage or ignore. It’s what distinguishes them from others and results in the exceptional experience for all of their guests. Read more about overmanaging vs. micromanaging.
  • Organizational values aren’t just a “nice to have” .  Instead, they are the guiding force of the organization and impact its long-term success. If a leader hasn’t proactively determined those values, the rest of the company will. And you make not like them.
  • You’re being watched. Not exactly in a stalker sort of way, but not too far off. As a leader, your behavior sends a crystal clear message to everyone about what you value and what you don’t. What message are you sending in what you say and what you do?

What do you agree with above? Any thoughts from other Disney Institute alumni?

Over-Manage the Details

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No brand has captured the essence of “magic” like Disney.

16 of my closest friends, (my fellow Daxko teammates), and I recently traveled to Walt Disney World for a three day Disney Institute program. This course provided an incredible volume of content regarding providing exceptional customer experience.

One principal that I found most intriguing and evident within all things Disney was to over-manage all details of an experience.

During one exercise we entered the park and documented the touch points, the opportunities where guest of Disney engage to exchange information, provide service, or handle transactions. We identified the touch points as green, yellow, or red.

As we entered the park we noted the newly revamped ticket kiosk- green, and then the open area ease-way which welcomes you to the park – green, followed by our first experience with a Disney shop, with doors wide open and quick and easy access to the products –green. At this point we began discussing aspects, which might not have been carefully orchestrated, areas such as the street upon which we walked, and the curbs along the walkway. We were surprised to find the streets were themed appropriately for the area, either painted, or even stamped with animal tracks in the animal areas-green. Finally we noted the most unassuming aspect of the park, the manhole covers, but once again Disney blew us away with their attention to detail, within the center of the cover was a perfectly placed Mickey Mouse – green.

Upon arrival back to the office we come refreshed with a renewed purpose; a purpose to overmanage the details, and consistently, and constantly be creating those greens.

Chad S. is a Customer Experience Data Specialist who sees the cup as always half full- because the drinks are free!

Disney is for Accountants too!

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If you have been keeping up with our recent posts, you realize that we have had a few team members share their experiences from a recent trip to Disney Institute.  For the past three years, members of our Support Services team have used their professional development budgets to attend different classes at Disney to learn how to better provide an exceptional customer experience.  Makes sense, right?

Well, this year we had who some may consider to be an anomaly join the crew on their trip to Disney.  Elizabeth C, Daxko’s Financial Accountant, joined the group to learn about how Disney provides quality customer service. I asked Elizabeth to share what she learned with us and how she was going to apply it at Daxko.