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Birmingham is many things to me.

Birmingham is the place where I started college. Traversing across the sprawling UAB campus that covers multiple urban, city blocks was terrifying at first, and then I loved it. I loved quickly learning how to watch the traffic lights and walk across the street before the WALK sign flashed. I loved leaving my classes and being able to get some sun on the campus green while still watching the cars pass by. I loved that people would sometimes fill the fountains by Campbell Hall and The Commons with bubbles (although I’m sure the people responsible for that maintenance were not so keen on the idea).

Birmingham is the place that gave me several venues to see my favorite artists play. It started with Workplay and seeing Joshua Radin play the songs from his second studio album. Since then, I’ve seen many of my music loves grace both of Workplay’s stages. Now we also have Iron City, which gave me the opportunity to see Damien Rice and Gavin DeGraw; and we have Saturn, where you can see bands and have a good cup of coffee at its coffee bar, Satellite.

Birmingham opens the doors of the gorgeous and historic Alabama Theatre and allows me to do the Time Warp at the Rocky Horror Masquerade Ball every October and sing Christmas songs along with the Mighty Wurlitzer each December. Birmingham is also home to the historic Lyric Fine Arts Theatre, which reopened its doors just last week.

Birmingham is the only U.S. city that found a place on Travel Channel’s Next 11 Great Destinations, alongside places like Myanmar and Poland. Our city boasts both the oldest baseball park at Rickwood Field, and one of the newest with Regions Field, where I go to watch the Birmingham Barons play every summer. Birmingham is home to Sloss Furnaces, a national historic landmark that produced iron for almost 90 years and really gave rise to the city of Birmingham. This city is filled with breweries for craft beer lovers, and it makes a summer night that much better to have a beer and some crawfish at Avondale Brewing.

Regions Field – Photo by Alex McAnnally


Photo by Alex McAnnally

Sloss Furnaces – Photo by Alex McAnnally


I recently moved to a suburb just outside the city and can definitely understand why Forbes magazine listed Birmingham as one of the most affordable cities in the U.S. Birmingham is reinventing itself – from Railroad Park to the dozens of Sunday brunch spots scattered around the city (hello, Silvertron!) Speaking of food, Birmingham placed #1 on Zagat’s list of America’s Next Hot Food Cities, and that is not an understatement. The city is home to Chefs Frank Stitt and Chris Hastings, whose popular restaurants boast phenomenal and flavorful dishes. Birmingham has become a place for millennials to embrace the new, but it also retains its rich history for those old and young to enjoy.

It’s no surprise to me that Daxko is headquartered in Birmingham, and our office space boasts meeting rooms that are named after different places around town (Sloss, Avondale, Soho, and the list goes on). I’ve traveled to cities across the south, from Atlanta to Memphis to Savannah, and though I love so many things about each of these places, there’s nothing quite like the Birmingham that I call home.

Deeanna S. is a Customer Success Advocate and Tudor history buff who loves the outdoors.

Software as Strong as Steel

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Not too long ago there was a spirit that flowed through workers in Birmingham. That spirit was one with a sense of pride in the things this community represented and built. Birmingham played a substantial role in the steel and iron industry during the early and mid-20th century.  During this time workers went to various mills and performed work unimaginable by most of us today. They worked in areas such as the blast furnace, where scorching heat and brutally hard work met with a vengeance. Even under these working conditions workers, left each day with a sense of accomplishment, a sense that what they do matters, a sense that they were shaping America one piece of steel at a time. They left work feeling like they were making a difference.

Last time I took a stroll around the halls at Daxko, I did not see any blast furnaces, no sweltering heat, no one exhausted from the amount of physical labor they had just endured during their workday. What I saw were shorts, flip-flops and enough caffeine for a double shift. Most importantly though, what I see each day is that same sense of pride that still ignites people the same way it did the mill workers. I see that same sense of accomplishment at the end of a day, the sense that what you do truly does matter and that you along with the rest of the Daxko Nation are making a difference.

We may not make steel, but we do offer software and solutions that are helping our partners shape the next generation of America. I believe that will last longer than the strongest of metals.

Joseph B. is a project manager who hates meals without meat and prefers a cold glass of milk on a hot summer day. 

Great Things Percolating in The Magic City

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As a Birmingham native, having pride in my hometown comes naturally.  Folks outside of the area may not be as familiar with the great things happening here.  In case you missed them, below are a few headlines recently about the place Daxko calls home:

  • Birmingham made NBC’s Today show list of six hot places to travel in 2013.   In good company with Miami, Pittsburgh, Marseille (France), Nicaragua, and Croatia, Birmingham was chosen for the 50th anniversary commemoration of the 1963 Civil Rights Movement as well as our affordability for travelers.
  • People named Brian Copes, a Birmingham-area teacher, as one of its Five Teachers of the Year.    As a Principles of Engineering teacher, Copes has helped his students learn to develop prosthetic legs from Toyota Corolla parts, which have been used for residents in Honduras.
  • Birmingham was named by The Chronicle of Philanthropy as the third most generous metro area in the nation, behind Salt Lake City and Memphis.  Did you know that Birmingham is home to the world’s largest Kiwanis, Rotary, and Rotaract clubs?
  • Birmingham’s Railroad Park won Urban Land Institute’s Urban Open Space Award as a public space acting as a catalyst for community transformation. Another example of enjoying nature within the city, Red Mountain Park, when complete, will give Birmingham more dedicated green space per capita than any other city in the nation.
  • And finally, did you know that Daxko acquired Active Life Apps, making Daxko the largest provider of YMCA mobile applications worldwide?  Now that 45% of adults carry smartphones, it’s vital for our customers to extend their connections with members outside of their facility.  This is the first phase in helping them do just that!

Want to stay in the know of great things happening in The Magic City?  A few of my Twitter favorites are @bhambizjrnl, @bhammag, and @BHMBizAlliance.

Lisa is a Birmingham native and Director of Go-to-Market Strategy at Daxko.  In her time outside of the office, she loves hanging out with her family, whipping up culinary creations, and advocating for homeless pets.