Engaging Millennials with Social Media Integration

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Are you utilizing social media to communicate with your members at your YMCA, JCC, or other member-based nonprofit? More than a quarter of respondents to Daxko’s 2015 Trends & Opportunities Survey reported using social media as their primary source of communication with members. Social can be especially important when reaching out to your millennial members and community participants. Daxko Operations offers robust social media integration in some ways that you might not be utilizing. Here’s some of the best ways to maximize your investment in Daxko Operations when it comes to social media.


social-share-this-borderSet your social “share this” functionality for new members to place the Twitter and Facebook share buttons on the receipt page during membership sign-ups. This will reach the social following of those new members and almost certainly reach nonmembers who aren’t following your center yet. This is a great way to get beyond those who have specifically followed your YMCA, JCC, or community center on twitter or Facebook without costing you any money.


Use the custom links provided within Daxko Operations to promote online registration for your programs. You can create links for high level tags and for the lower level programs which allow you to tailor your message on social media. For example, if you had a certain swim session that was not full you could promote just that session with a custom link or, if you wanted to promote all your summer programs you could promote them all with a different custom link. 

You can also promote links by branch which works really well for unique situations such as a particular branch that is a pool and not a fitness center. You can then promote those pool memberships in a unique way on social media.


Daxko Operations has the ability for each individual involved in a fundraising campaign to have a unique link for their campaign progress board.  The unique online giving link allows friends and family to give to an individual via this link too. The fundraising participant has the ability to share their individual campaign page via social, email, etc. If you utilize Daxko Operations, you can access these custom links by pulling the Campaign Details report and navigating to the campaigners tab.

Whether or not you are using Daxko Operations, try to take advantage of some of the rich social media functionality offered in your operations system. Once you know what your operations systems allows you try to use that along with your own tools to achieve the social media results that will help keep your younger members engaged with your organization.

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