Technology = Accountability, Motivation, and Community

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For the first time since 1981, I did not put on my Casio Illuminator this week. I have no idea how many times I have gone into Walmart, plopped down 12 bucks, and walked out with a new edition of my old running buddy. It is a watch, stopwatch and alarm. That’s it.

This week I have been wearing my Nike+ Fuelband. Ok, so I bought it because I like Nike products and it is just very cool. But it really has helped me improve my lifestyle activity level—not just time my running or swimming. It monitors three key aspects of physical activity level 24/7 and provides me with feedback on progress towards my goals.

I believe the smart folks at Nike developed this for everyone—not just high-performing athletes. I think this new technology helps people with three things:

• Accountability
• Motivation
• Community

Here is an example of all three: A few nights ago I was getting out of the car to get into my hotel room and go to sleep as quickly as possible. Just before she drove away, my Daxko teammate, Lori Swann, held out her arm to show me her Fuelband flashing “GOAL.” I think I heard the word “wimp” and a victorious laugh as she drove away. Of course I walked around the parking lot until I met my goal for the day, snapped the pic above, and posted it on the Nike online community.

It is not just tech equipment. A free website ( has helped me lose 21 pounds (thanks Gordie E.)

Technology can be the bridge between a sedentary lifestyle and a Y facility membership. Stated more strongly: I think what facilities did for YMCAs over the last decade, technology could do over the next decade.

Tom Massey is senior vice president of Daxko T2 Consulting.