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NAYDO Webinar Series: Busting Fundraising Myths

Published On: Mar 2, 2022

Daxko is a proud sponsor of the 2022 NAYDO webinar series. This February, Adam L. Clevenger, CFRE and partner at Loring, Sternberg and Associates, shared his presentation “Busting Fundraising Myths.” Fundraising is a crucial source of support for the programs that enrich your communities, but the myths surrounding fundraising obscure the process. In his presentation, Clevenger broke down popular fundraising myths so you can better prepare to exceed your funding goals.

Myth #1: Fundraising is new to the YMCA

The act of philanthropy is at the heart of the YMCA and has been a crucial part of its mission since 1922.

Myth #2: Charitable giving has decreased

The total estimated giving for the US increased by 5.1% over 2019. Giving continues to increase and set records every year.

Myth #3: Companies and foundations give the most

Individuals are the largest contributing group, and they account for 69% of total US giving. In 2020, giving was predominantly led by those donating less than $250.

Myth #4: Individual giving is led by men and older generations

Studies show that women are the most philanthropic group. Boomers are the highest giving generation, but as they retire their donations are decreasing. In 2020, Millennials and Gen Z gave more than any other generation.

Myth #5: Non-volunteers give more

Volunteers are twice as likely to give as non-volunteers, and approximately 80% of volunteers make charitable contributions. After volunteering, 50% of donors are likely to give more.

For more debunked myths and tips on how to improve your fundraising initiatives, be sure to view the entire webinar below:

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