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Boost Summer Camp Registrations with an Outbound Marketing Strategy

Published On: Jan 27, 2021

Engagement Strategy Series

As we enter the new year and look to bounce back from 2020, many of you are working with fewer resources and less time to accomplish more than ever before. You may be struggling to keep members engaged after a period of disruption from facility closures, all the while working to attract new members.

To make the most of member engagement, preparation is paramount. That’s why we created our Engagement Strategy sessions. The series is designed specifically to make 2021 your best year of engagement yet. Each month, we’ll give you new strategies to maximize your marketing plan for the season ahead.

This month, we kicked off our Engagement Strategy Series with a session on how to boost summer camp registrations with a strong outbound campaign. With childcare revenue up 94% from where it was at this time last year, now is the time to capitalize on your community’s proven need for childcare by doubling down on your summer camp marketing efforts.

View the webinar recording below or review our four-step strategy to unleash your most successful summer camp season yet.

1. Identify Your Target Audience

The first step to boosting registration numbers is to define your audience.Identify the problem you’re trying to solve and who might need your solution.In this case, the overarching problem is that parents need childcare while school is out of session. Target groups could include past program or childcare participants at your facility, those who registered for camp last year but not this year, and active family members with school-age children.

2. Nail Your Positioning

Marketing messaging is the most effective when it speaks to the pain points your targeted audience is experiencing. Make sure your communications clearly state the positive outcomes your summer camp provides. During our brainstorm we discussed that, in addition to needing childcare, parents are also looking to 1) increase enrichment and learning opportunities for their children, 2) find a safe environment for their children during COVID-19, and 3) decrease the time their children are spending in front of a screen.

3. Determine Outbound Channels

Once you’ve figured out the who and how behind your communication plan, the next step is to determine what channels you’ll use to have your message heard. Outbound communications should be direct, targeted, and intentional. Have a program director personally call a family he or she may have a relationship with. Send direct mail or emails with a coupon code for camp registration to a targeted list of potential registrants.

4. Report, Iterate, and Improve

Once you’ve executed your messaging strategy, reflection and refinement are key. Use insights and analytic tools, like an email analytics or conversion analytics report, to identify which of your marketing efforts were most effective. Then, tweak your strategy to produce better results. Reporting on the success of your strategy also is essential to proving your ROI for the tools you use to engage your members.

For more on how to boost summer camp registrations with a smart outbound strategy, watch our full webinar and download our resource guide. And check back next month for the nextstep in maximizing your summer camp registration with a digital marketing strategy.

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