Tips for Getting More Out of Facebook

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Are you using Facebook as basically a way to mass email members? Just putting out news and ads? How are you getting people to actually converse with you? Facebook brings so much more to the table.

Tone: Be real. And be short and concise. Remember, people are reading from their phones more often than not with Facebook. Be cheery and funny, and tie in pop culture or relevant news.

Use informal internet language, such as “check this out” or “head on over to our website.” Show personality, and share things you like and that your members like and that are relevant. (Hey, it’s okay to say “haha” if it’s funny.)

Tell stories: Highlight the successes of your members and your community, not just your organization.

Ask questions: Questions can be very open-ended or not even directly related to your association. “What do you think the biggest health problem in our country is?” / “What’s your favorite workout machine at the facility?”

Add visuals: Posts pictures or graphics with text that are compelling enough for people to share with their friends. Facebookers love to share a good visual!

Financial Assistance Equals Service (But Be Proactive)

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Compared to data from last year’s Trends and Opportunities Survey, this year more organizations are using income-based memberships and more are open to implementing them. One in four are not interested, however, and of those, two-thirds say it’s because they are offering financial assistance or scholarships instead.

If your organization is offering any type of discount (employer, military, municipal, wellness related, or otherwise) you know that while the system offers a true service, it can be time-consuming to monitor and manage.

To make the process more smooth, form a type of automatic workflow around financial assistance and discounts, put an approval process in place, and set alerts for when discounts are up for renewal.

Does your process have these elements?

The ability for a discount to be pending approval upon joining in house or online is critical. Imagine someone has just taken a facility tour, or they found the ability to join online, and they want to join right away. If the person qualifies for a discount, your system should still allow them to join, with the discount pending approval.

The alternative is turning people away at the front desk until they provide paperwork, or not allowing them to apply for a discount at all when joining online. Instead, the new member should be able to go ahead and join and bring in paperwork on his next visit—and your organization should keep track by running a regular report of pending memberships.

Periodically ensure members qualify for a discount throughout the life of their membership. Your system should allow you to track when a discount needs to be reverified. We recommend members be asked to verify their statuses, financial or otherwise, every six months. Remember, people whose situations have changed may not let you know they no longer qualify.

Are you passing out guest passes or passing up opportunities?

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Guest passes, whether they are purchased or given as promotional items, are a great way for you to get people into your facility, but too often organizations view them as passes and nothing more. The truth is, guest passes are an excellent tool in the member recruitment process. Make the best use of them so they can provide true value.

If a person wants to purchase a pass, or received a free pass from your organization or from a friend, be sure to gather information from them before they gain access to the facility. Enter their name, email address, interests, and preferences into your system. Not only will you have the guest on file, but you can track any past or future facility usage they may have.

If you have no limit to the number of guest passes you allow and find you have heavy guest pass users, reiterate the value of membership to them. After all, full membership is more convenient than purchasing pass after pass, and paying a recurring fee could keep them motivated and involved.

• Compare the amount the guest is spending monthly on guest passes versus a membership fee.
• Find out if the guest is hesitant to join due to budget concerns, and educate the guest on your financial assistance options.
• Promote your programs to the guest, and let them know full membership means discounted program fees.
• Does your area offer reciprocal memberships? Make sure the guest knows his membership may be good for surrounding facilities.

Why Impact Day?

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When I was originally asked to write a blog post about Impact Day, I was super excited.  I love Impact Day, but I struggled with what to share.  There’s a lot of great things about Impact Day, but why do I love it?

Impact day is awesome because we get to spend time with people in our company who we don’t see every day. It’s great team building. However, what’s more enjoyable about Impact Day is, funnily enough, making an impact. On each Impact Day project we accomplish something measurable.  We can really step back, look at what we’ve done, and be confident that we’ve accomplished something for the community. Real lives are both directly and indirectly changed with the help of our hours of labor.

While making a difference in my community truly brings me joy, I think there is one more component to my love of Impact Day. I believe Daxko hasn’t taken its success for granted.  Daxko has been blessed and has consciously made the decision to focus on blessing others.  Our team members, our customers, and our community all benefit from Daxko’s capacity to pay it forward.  Impact Day is at the top of a long list of ways Daxko goes about showing as much love as we’ve received. That’s the real reason I love Impact Day.