Making the Ask: Annual Campaign Insights

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I recently had the pleasure of moderating NAYDO’s webinar: Let’s Make the Ask! A Practical Approach to Annual Campaign Solicitation. Andrew Powers, Director of Annual Giving at the YMCA of Greater Rochester, presented and filled the hour with countless insights, strategies, and practical tips for any development professional.

A few ideas that struck a chord with me:

  •  You should apply the major gift process to gifts of ANY size (Identification>Cultivation>Solicitation>Stewardship)
  •  Providing unforgettable experiences through engaging members everyday is cultivating future donors
  •  Annual campaign prospect lists don’t have to be limited to those that you think are extremely wealthy. It should include ANYONE you think is interested in supporting the mission of your organization
  •  Staff and volunteers soliciting gifts should be donors themselves. Making that ask as a “Please join me as a donor” carry more weight during the solicitation.

I encourage you to take a few minutes out of your day to watch the entire webcast. I promise you’ll learn something from Andrew’s powerful presentation to take your organization’s annual campaign to the next level!

Daxko is a proud sponsor of NAYDO’s webinar series. See a list of upcoming webinars here.

Trends & Opportunities Survey: Major Gifts

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Daxko surveys executives and professionals in the member-based nonprofit market annually to find out their biggest challenges and successes from the prior year. For our 2014 Trends & Opportunities Survey we had 288 respondents, 84% of which were executives. Organizations of various sizes participated in the survey, with operating revenues ranging from less than $1,000,000 to greater than $30,000,000. Here we dig deeper into the results for major gifts.

Leveraging relationships of board members and staff members tops out as the main methods for identifying prospects for major gifts ($1,000+). Still, digging deep with current donors and elevating gift values must play a big role.

“A major gifts program is the most cost-effective fundraising strategy,” according to Julie Sistrunk, Daxko T2 Consulting Direct of Financial Development. “Major gifts provide the greatest return on investment with 80-90% retention on these important gifts.”

Download 2014 Trends & Opportunities Survey Results

Download the PDF file .

Teamwork & Collaboration Secrets from Inside Daxko

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Synergistic Teamwork is ingrained in our Daxko DNA. We hire to it and strive for it. As a member of the marketing team, one may work with sales, customer success, product strategy, and the people teams—all on any given day. As part of our ongoing team leadership training, my fellow marketers and I wanted to make sure we were operating at the top of our game when it came to teamwork. I recently sat down with about a dozen of Daxko’s top cross-team collaborators to learn their secrets for working their best with others. Here’s a summary of the common themes that I brought back to my team:

Build Rapport

  • Get to know them on a personal level, like over lunch or coffee.
  • Do your homework and tailor your approach. What makes them tick? What are their Strengths, DiSC, or MBTI? Communication styles? Motivators?
  • Communicate as much as possible face to face. Don’t rely too much on HipChat (internal instant messenger) or email.

The Golden Rule Still Applies

  • Be courteous of their time, workload, and priorities.
  • Don’t interrupt when you think you know the answer. Listening > Talking.
  • Be receptive of different perspectives and ways of thinking.
  • Be upfront and genuine.
  • Give as much information in a meeting invite as possible. For remote team members, book their meeting room for them, too.
  • Ask for advice and help. People like to feel that their expertise is valued.

Holding Others Accountable Doesn’t Have to Be Awkward

  • Look at what you’re working on together as a company goal. What ramifications will it have on Daxko and our customers if you don’t solve it together?
  • Give ownership in the project and a reasonable timeframe to complete it. Let them be creative in the way they approach it.
  • Set clear expectation, action items, deadlines, and when you’ll discuss progress towards the goal as a team.
  • If there’s a problem with the person you are working with, go directly to them first to try and resolve it. Use their team lead as a last resort.

What tips do you have to share in cross-team collaboration? We’d love to hear from you!

Lisa H. is Director of Go-to-Market Strategy, and she thinks that Chex Mix and a Coke is the breakfast of champions.

Your Members’ Mobile Mindset

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Whether using mobile tablets in their facility operations or staying connected to their constituents on the go, mobile is top of mind for many YMCAs, JCCs, and community centers.

In our 2014 Trends & Opportunities Survey, we learned that:

  • 34% of YMCAs, JCCs, and community centers offer a mobile application to their their members, which is + 42% from the year prior
  • An additional 32% of organizations are considering offering one in the near future
  • However, only 20% of associations we survey are using tables in their day to day operations
  • Of those, utilizing tablets in child care operations and on the wellness floor are the most popular applications

Need more proof that mobile will only become more important? I recently came across a great infographic from that hammers home the importance of not ignoring mobile from a marketing and engagement standpoint.

For instance, there are 224 million monthly mobile app users in the US and 85% percent of them would prefer to use an app over a mobile website.  See below for more statistics driving the future of mobile marketing.

Not sure where to start or need help catching up? Daxko Mobile is an easy way to connect with your members on the move.

Lisa is Daxko’s Director of Go-to-Market Strategy and shares the value of partnering with Daxko to organizations far and wide. She spends her free time trying to keep up with two year old son, serving on the board of the Greater Birmingham Humane Society, and whipping up new culinary creations.