Daxko’s Double Helix

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DNA:  Three letters that define the identity of every living thing on Earth.  I would not classify myself as a scientific person, and certainly not a geneticist. Therefore, the concept of every particle of my body being comprised of microscopic molecules can be overwhelming.  Some may call it one of mother-nature’s miracles; others would say it’s a product of intelligent design. Whatever it may be, we know that DNA contributes to the essence of a being we like to call self.  Just as the sequences of nucleotides form a structure known as deoxyribonucleic acid (that’s the full name of DNA), every unique Daxko family member joins together to create the Daxko Double Helix, or at least what Dave likes to refer to as Daxko’s DNA.

My first day at Daxko was the day before my birthday. One of the first memories I have as a newborn DaxNative was going on a tour and seeing The Wall. For you early-adopters of Facebook out there, I am not referring the Facebook Wall, which is now replaced with Facebook Timeline. The Wall at Daxko is a place where a picture of every team member is displayed. On each photo, there is a list of 3 favorite things chosen by that team member. I couldn’t wait to have my picture taken so that I could share with DaxNation that my favorite mobile app is Words with Friends, my favorite TV show is Mad Men, and my favorite time of day is dinnertime.

On my birthday, I expected nothing particularly exciting to happen, because I barely knew anyone, and surely no one knew it was my birthday. After taking a break in the early afternoon, I returned to my desk to find that my teammates surprised me with a hand-signed card and a bag full of candy and snacks.

Suddenly, I found myself wanting to study The Wall on my breaks and find out what made these DaxNatives so unique. I found out that one person’s guilty pleasure was late night Krispy Kreme runs. If you would consider 5 a.m. the late night, then we have that in common. I learned that a fellow DaxNative loves to play Mario Kart 64. Another DaxNative idolizes Space Ghost. I’m not going to lie… I’ve never heard of this superhero. Someone else in the world considers cheese dip a food, too; I’m not alone. Whether the person’s favorite poem is I Carry Your Heart with Me or favorite animal is a golden-doodle, each member is unique.

And this, this is why I love my Daxko Nation. We are all a being with a unique taste and a colorful personality of our own. We all have our favorite things, our own experiences, and our own deoxyribonucleic acid to bring to the team. Together, we make a stellar double helix.

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