Oh, The Insanity… of Kick-Off

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If there’s ever a time to get kooky at DAXKO, it’s during our annual company-wide event known as Kick-Off. There’s just something about it that brings out two things in our Team Members: silliness and a seriously competitive drive. When you combine the two, you end up with ridiculous team names like, “Holy Sheep! We’re Better Than Ewe!” “Turn Your Head and Kick-Off,” and my favorite, “Laser Cats!” (Yes it’s an SNL reference.  And, yes, they wore costumes.)

At every Kick-Off, we have a unique team building activity. This year, CEO Dave invented an urban scavenger hunt appropriately called “Operation Scooter Mountain.” The gist was that our beloved office scooters had been kidnapped and hidden around the Birmingham area. All 95 of our team members were divided into 10 teams that raced around the city aboard passenger vans, a limo and one stretch Ford Excursion to look for clues and scooters.

Since we’re a tech company who loves gadgets and gizmos, Dave sent clues to teams via their smart phones, and in return, teams sent back pictures proving they had made it to their destinations. Naturally, we wound up with a hilarious collection of photos afterward – some I wish I’d never seen, now that I recall…

Teams had to complete tasks like indoor rock climbing, getting cuffed by a police officer and getting behind the counter at Starbucks (sorry, Starbucks!). Small tasks, really. In the end, we had a triumphant winner: “Holy Sheep! We’re Better Than Ewe!” As it turns out, they really are better than ewe. Here they are below posing with their trophies and gift cards.  For more pictures from Kick-Off, see www.flickr.com/photos/daxko.

What Do We Want? Food! When Do We Want It? Now!

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If there’s one thing that all of DAXKO loves to do it’s eat. That’s right, here at DAXKO – we’re big fans of food.

You’ve probably heard about our endless supply of free fruit, soda and coffee, but did you also know about our weekly Family Lunches? At the end of every week, we all get together in our Garage Café for a yummy catered lunch. It’s always at 11:30 am sharp. God help us if the caterers are ever late, because there will be a line of hungry, impatient Team Members standing outside the Garage Café just waiting to pounce. I believe I’ve even seen drool pooling at the corners of their mouths.

Naturally, we have our favorite caterers – Chappy’s Deli, Taziki’s, and Full Moon BBQ, just to name a few. And Salsarita’s Cantina is always a smash hit. Apparently DAXKO is a big fan of Mexican food, so no one ever misses out on a Salsarita’s lunch.

As our company continues to grow in size, it’s become harder for Office Manager Melissa to keep the fruit bowls stocked. She makes several fruit runs a week and returns to the office with both arms full of heavy sacks of bananas, apples, oranges and raisins. Once, a curious supermarket cashier couldn’t help but ask her, “Honey do you work for the zoo?”

I’ve only been at DAXKO for about four months now, but in that short time, I’ve picked up on a few unwritten rules about food at the office that I’d like to share.

  1. Always, always put your name on anything you store in the community fridge. Food without a friendly little reminder like mine – “Barb’s lunch: Eat it and DIE!!!” – is considered up for grabs at DAXKO. I’ve seen DAXKO men devour unattended, unlabeled food in seconds flat. Not even a little mold can stop these hungry, hungry hippos; so always put your name on your food.
  2. Always RSVP to the DAXKO Family Lunch. I’ve heard of incidents when our Office Manager didn’t receive an accurate headcount. The result? Not enough food and fighting to the death. (Ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration… but didn’t I mention food is very important here?)
  3. Got leftovers? Share! Bring your unwanted, leftover birthday cake, casserole or bagels to DAXKO and we’ll gladly take it off your hands. We delight in seeing the “Free food on 4th floor!” e-mails in our inboxes.
  4. If you’re trying to diet, GOOD LUCK! It’s extremely difficult to watch what you eat at DAXKO – there’s always a plethora of tempting food. Sure we hit the gym downstairs, but cut back on the food? Now that’s just crazy talk.