Improving Club Management with Technology Part 2: CRM Software

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In the first segment of our 5-part improving club management with technology, we discussed all the ways allowing your members the convenience of online joins and services will improve the member experience. Now, we’ll delve into tools that will allow you to reach members on a deeper level.

We can’t cover the topic of improving club member experience with technology without touching on CRM (customer relationship management) as a tool to understand and cater to your members and prospective members on a deeper level.

CRM is more than a more marketing automation tool – it unites sales, marketing and customer service across a single platform. Having a CRM in place boosts efficiency. Simple manual processes that take several man-hours can be streamlined into automated systems.

Below are a couple of examples of processes that could be automated so that one or more staff members can focus on building relationships with your club members.

New Member Onboarding
Do you know what your members are up to after their first visit? The first 120 days of a new member’s experience are crucial to helping them adopt new habits, feel comfortable in their routine and to help them find community at your club. Utilizing a CRM tool will allow you and your staff to see how active they are and what types communication and in-person interactions a new member has received.

Member Retention
New member engagement is critical, but don’t disregard those amazing members you’ve already got!

According to IHRSA, “While it’s easy to get swept up in sales and marketing outreach to attract new members, it’s critical for health club owners to spend just as much time on the ones they’ve got. It is proven that successful retention of members not only increases profitability, but will reduce the necessity to perpetually sell to a shrinking market.”

A couple of tips before you start to automate pieces of your member experience:
1. Know your audience – tailor your message based on demographics and interests. It’s better to build out multiple experiences based on different demographics if you can.
2. Consider the entire member experience before you hit SEND. Does the communication fit within the brand guidelines?

Member Feedback
How are you currently gathering member feedback? Do you store that information in your club management system under each member’s profile? Are you only looking at current members, or do you reach out to cancelled members as well?

CRM is a powerful tool to house member feedback and use it proactively! Here are some tips on soliciting feedback and using it to make your members feel more included at your health club.
” Reach out to both cancelled and current members for feedback. This will ensure that your most critical issues (like the ones that might have caused a cancellation) are not overlooked.
” Incorporate feedback into a member profile in your club management system This will allow you to see trends and make improvements to your facility or member experience.
” Compile feedback and use it as a tool to prioritize improvements and trainings at your health club. also allow you to view a member’s profile and see patterns of behavior and how they may or may not be related to reported problems at your club.
” Update members and cancelled members on the issues they’ve reported. Nothing is more frustrating to a member than completing feedback surveys and then never hearing about it again. By utilizing a CRM tool your staff will be able to see feedback in a member’s profile and staff can provide updates to the member as appropriate. Best of all, staff can build reports around this data collection and look for trends.

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