Apple App Store Guideline Updates

By November 9, 2017 No Comments

On June 5th Apple held it annual Worldwide Developer Conference. During the keynote address a slide was presented that highlighted a number of items that Apple would be focused on in the next year. One of the items was app store cleanup. Anyone would think that this was just an attempt to get rid of the multiple junk apps that exist on the store. While it will take care of a good portion of those apps, it also will impact legitimate apps that businesses have come to rely on for a presence in the app marketplace.  Apple is citing one rule in particular from their developer agreement, rule 4.2.6.  This rule states that “apps created from a commercialized template or app generation service will be rejected.” We have unfortunately run into this at Daxko.  We create apps that tightly integrate with our platforms and have been able to offer branded apps for each of our customers.  Apple has put a stop to the practice of creating a separate app for each customer, they are requiring that similar apps from the same developer be combined into something called a container app. Let me stop and say this, if you currently have an app from us that is live on the app stores, then you are not impacted by this! Apple knows that this is a huge change for app development and has grandfathered our current live apps.

So what is a container app? A container app is an app that once downloaded from an app store can be used to display a branded experience for multiple different clients. The app is generic while it is on the store and then once a member downloads the app they will either be automatically brought to their correct organization or have to choose their organization from a search. Once the initial selection of an organization is complete, the app will then always open with the default organizations information. It provides the same user experience for your members only inside a container app. Daxko is working hard to provide an excellent user experience for our new container app. We want to provide you tools that will allow your app to succeed and will give you access to a communication channel that if highly effective.

We will be doing a series of webinars on this new app delivery method and invite your to join and find out more. Our first webinar will focus on the Apple guideline and how Daxko will address the changes. Future webinars will show you our solution and provide best practices for making sure that your members find and use your app.

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