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A Customer-Centric Approach to Club Management with Daxko CTO, Bjørn Bjerkøe

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When I joined Daxko earlier this year, I knew it was the right decision for many reasons. The most important? Daxko closely aligns with my overarching philosophy of a customer-centric approach to design, develop, deploy and support a club management platform. Now that I am fully onboard and working with my teams on Daxko Operations and Daxko Spectrum software, I am putting even more of a focus on our customers and I know this is the path to take to achieve long term and sustainable growth both for our customers, but also for our company.

Our vision is to become the most loved and largest software provider focused on member-based organizations. How do we do that? By being the best-in-class member-management solutions, pushing the envelope and understanding where the market is heading. I believe that successful software technology companies either succeed or fail based on how consistently they deliver quality software. There are two key words in that statement, consistency and quality.

Daxko CEO Dave Gray interviews Daxko CTO Bjørn Bjerkøe at 2017 Virtual Reach Event

I believe a critical element of software development, and a necessary step in delivering on both the consistency and the quality promises mentioned above is involving our customers in the process. When we bring our customers into the conversation, we have a built-in engine for continuous feedback. This customer-focused approach leads to more regular iterations and incremental development to lower our overall risk and results in higher quality and more rapid software releases.

Becoming the Best-in-Class Software Provider
At Daxko, language is very important. We regard our customers as partner organizations. We partner with them to deliver not only an industry-leading club management platform and the exceptional customer experiences that have won our services team numerous awards. Part of providing exceptional experiences is knowing when to build and when to partner with other software and integrate our systems to best serve a customer need. And, by involving our customers first, we have the opportunity to understand their needs and where they see themselves in five to ten years. Our products serve over 9,000 facilities and 20 million plus members. This gives us a wealth of industry knowledge and data to tap into to enhance the products and services we offer.

Having an Innovative Mindset
We are in the software technology space. We must innovate. I need my team attending industry conferences, meeting with customers to dig deeper in discovering the next big thing, and keeping their finger on the pulse on where technology trends are heading, whether that’s mobility, artificial intelligence or API integrations. My teams (along with our product strategy teams) are also tasked with keeping an eye on market needs and trends. Right now, one of the biggest market needs is data – exchanging data, analytics, dashboards – everyone wants to be able to consume data in a digestible manner. We have 20+ years of data in the member-based health and wellness market. Customers have data from other technologies they want to see integrate with our products and that’s where our vision for a partnership ecosystem and our Daxko Spectrum REST API comes in, so that all parties involved can leverage what each of us do well and enhance our services and offerings. Having my team focused on these things opens us up to become the best-in-class health and wellness facility solution our customers are looking for.

Delivering Exceptional Experiences
We are dedicated to providing exceptional experiences to our customers and that starts with our products. I love that we have great relationships with our customers, and I love hearing that someone chose Daxko because of what our product does, how it functions, how it makes their life easier or how it solved a problem. Our products need to be solving customer problems and making their lives easier while driving growth.

I believe that we have to listen to our customers, identify the key differentiators to meet market needs and follow through in terms of delivering those items to our customers. Mobility, data and having a great user experience are those key differentiators that will allow us to deliver those exceptional experiences that are vital to sustainability and growth.

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