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NAYDO Webinar Series: Sharing Impact Stories

By April 19, 2017 One Comment

Daxko is a proud sponsor of the NAYDO webinar series. Last month in the series, Lindsay Sage, VP of Marketing for the YMCA of Western Ontario, shared her talk, “Why the Y: Collecting and Sharing Impact Stories.”

We all know that nonprofit impact stories are important, just as they are important for any health and wellness organization. Still, some of us struggle to identify the right kinds of stories and once we’ve identified and collected those stories it can be another arduous undertaking to get those stories out to communities, members and other that need to hear them.

Sage offers advice on identifying the attributes in a great story.

  1. A great story is clear and simple. Attention spans are short and people are busy so make sure the story you want to tell can be boiled down into its most essential parts.
  2. A great story has impact and demonstrates results. Instead of offering stories about your organization (i.e.”our YMCA offers X programs and Y classes,”) make the story about your audience and focus on the results or outcomes.
  3. A great story is personal and emotional. Your story needs to resonate and generate a connection with your audience so make sure it’s relatable.
  4. A great story inspires action. Once you convey your story and the outcomes, make sure you include a call to action. Don’t leave your audience hanging; instead, make sure to tell them what you want them to do.

For even more advice on collecting and sharing impact stories, be sure to view the entire webinar below:

NAYDO Webinar: “WHY the Y: Collecting and Sharing Impact Stories” | March 2017 from Daxko on Vimeo.

One Comment

  • Michael Z. says:

    Nonprofit impact stories are absolutely critical to many fundraising and outreach campaigns. Statistics might look good on paper but they don’t have nearly the same emotional impact as a real person’s experiences. As far as getting those stories out to the community, nonprofits have a huge leg up in this regard if they follow a guide like (it covers lots of marketing and fundraising info).

    In 2017 there’s so many ways to spread awareness of worthy causes. Every nonprofit should take advantage! Businesses are often thrilled to get a tax deduction so there’s a ton of funding available if you know where to look.

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