Seemingly overnight, I went from five days a week in the office to five days a week on the road. It’s certainly been an adjustment, but, as most things with Daxko go, it has also been an adventure.

I would like to say that after a few months of training customers on the road, I am beginning to feel seasoned in my role as a road warrior. Because of that, here are ten things I’ve learned since I’ve started traveling:

#1: Bring your routine with you. Just because you’re in a hotel room every night doesn’t mean you should skimp on your necessities. I always bring along basically everything I use on a daily basis at home…including a bag full of vitamins.

#2: Don’t bore yourself. It’s so easy to want to go and collapse in your room after a long day of training, but I always try to find a place to go and visit. My favorite trip so far has been my trip to Altavista, VA, because I got to visit lots of historical places there! Pictured in this post are photos from Monticello and the Appomattox Court House.


#3: Find good food. This one is probably most important to me! I scope out restaurants the minute I touch down in my location that week. I always try not to do fast food on the road because I could have that any time.

#4: Bring headphones. This one is non-negotiable. I’m not really a chatty person, so having headphones for airports and airplanes is a pretty good way around all the small talk. Plus, we’ve all heard crying babies in airports…

#5: Improvise. One of the quickest things you’ll learn on the road is that you have to improvise…a lot. You move classes around, you change flights, you update your hotel reservation…it’s all just part of the job. Learning to roll with the punches and redesign your plan will only help you in the long run.

#6: Learn what you like. Be it an airline, a rental car service, a hotel chain, or a restaurant, learn what you like and stick with it. Sometimes, you have to improvise (see #5) when things don’t go as planned, but once you get into a rhythm, you can help yourself guarantee a little on-the-road bliss.

#7: Hydration and cough drops are key. I carry my 40 oz water bottle around all day and fill it up whenever I get the chance. Staying hydrated is a no brainer anyway, but when you’re talking all day and walking around a classroom, you’ve got to keep your energy up and your voice fresh! Same goes for cough drops…for me, at least. I have tonsillitis at least twice a year, so when my voice starts to go (and it does, every week), I have a backup plan.

#8: Car sing alongs will save you. Sometimes, you fly into an airport that’s a good distance away from your training site. In times like this, open up your Spotify app, turn on some tunes, and sing along. Personal favorite for me? Hamilton soundtrack. Who would’ve guessed that after my last culture blog post? I sang this song more than once on my drive from Charlottesville to Altavista.

#9: Take time to recharge. Being a road warrior will really take it out of you. Take a day of PTO on an off week, pick an early flight so you can get home a bit earlier before the weekend, whatever works for you…do it. Don’t burn yourself out.

#10: If all else fails…ask your sister, the former trainer, every question you possibly could.


Deeanna S. is a Software Trainer and Tudor history buff who loves the outdoors.


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