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Hardware: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Barcode

By May 25, 2016 2 Comments

Hardware calls are something a lot of folks on the Frontline dread. Alverado this, Motorola that, ensuring that ActiveX is all set up and that you’ve got the proper drivers installed…this will inspire fear in the hearts of many.

Not me. I like ’em.

They’re not the simplest things in the world, sure. Sometimes, you just can’t get a pesky door to open or a barcode to scan. You toss your hands up, despairing and cursing whatever company created such a vile piece of machinery. Then, you think about something you might have missed, an alternative you overlooked previously and jump back into the fray.

This cracks things wide open. Suddenly, you’re getting ‘Roger rogers’ left and right, numbers are jumping into fields that you didn’t even know existed and you’re a hero. Your teammates will pat you on the back, the folks on the other end of the line will thank you profusely and you’ll be able to check off one of the most intimidating calls you can get, as now, it’s just another notch on your belt.

Hardware calls are all about getting some obstinate piece of wiring to bend to your will while simultaneously maintaining a positive attitude for both you and the person on the other end of the line. There are no lower lows than when you cannot get something working, but conversely, and appropriately, there’s no better feeling than getting something working after an undoubtedly long conversation in which everything that could have gone wrong did, in fact, go wrong.

Why scooters, then? What do scooters have to do with hardware? Simply put, when a hardware call comes through and I know it’s going to involve a lot of tough digging, making sure that all the stars are properly aligned so that some scanner finally plays nicely…I’ll hop on a scooter and ride around. I don’t ride too far, as I’ve obviously gotta stay near so that I can help look something up or troubleshoot something, but it’s hard to feel defeated when you’re riding around on a scooter. There’s something about feeling like a kid that makes it impossible to give up hope that we can make it through!

At the end of the day, troubleshooting a hardware issue is simply about maintaining a good attitude and pushing all the buttons in the right order. Not dissimilar from any problem, if you go into it downtrodden and depressed at the prospects, you have already lost. Positivity and persistence will win the day.

McKee S. is a Customer Success Warlock who loves playing video games and kickin’ around a hacky sack.


  • Aleta G. says:

    What a marvelous way to look at not just tech issues, but many of the trying times we face whenever we work with the general public…Wish I could have a scooter here.

  • Gloria Abrams says:

    Scooters are great to get around in a hurry. Especially if you are maintaining the front desk. This is a great ideal

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