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Daxko’s Sorting Ceremony

By May 3, 2016 3 Comments

If you know me at all, you know that there are two things I really cannot live without: fudgy brownies from Crestline Bagel, and Harry Potter. In fact, I love Harry Potter so much, that I recently made most of my teammates take the Sorting Hat Quiz on Pottermore.

If you don’t know much about Harry Potter, I request you immediately go watch all the movies and read the books (but that is a little more demanding). However, if you’re pressed for time, let me give you a quick run-down.

The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is divided into four houses. Those houses are:

  • Hufflepuff: Hufflepuffs are defined by their love of family, comfort, and living things.
  • Ravenclaw: Ravenclaws are defined by curiosity and the love of learning.
  • Gryffindor: Gryffindors are primarily defined by its daring, desire for fame, and great exploits.
  • Slytherin: Slytherins are seeking individual greatness – but Slytherins look out for their own group and see themselves as very unified.

The Sorting Hat sorts first years into their houses, and has a little rhyme about each:

You might belong in Gryffindor,

Where dwell the brave at heart,

Their daring, nerve, and chivalry

Set Gryffindors apart;

You might belong in Hufflepuff,

Where they are just and loyal,

Those patient Hufflepuffs are true

And unafraid of toil;

Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,

if you’ve a ready mind,

Where those of wit and learning,

Will always find their kind;

Or perhaps in Slytherin

You’ll make your real friends,

Those cunning folks use any means

To achieve their ends.

So, you might be wondering…what does this have to do with working at Daxko? Well, I like to think that each house has their own work style, and that the people that fall into certain houses adapt the work style of their house and house mates.

Let’s give it a run down.

  • Hufflepuffs love others and are very loyal. This makes them the best team players that any team could ever have. They will always be willing to set their work aside and help other people, and not seek any credit for helping out a friend. They can always be found explaining something to a teammate, or working with someone to get a tough job done.

Some Daxko Hufflepuffs: McKee S., Alex L.

  • Ravenclaws are the very methodical workers. They aren’t satisfied with closing a case or relaying an answer until they fully understand exactly what the problem is, and what the solution will be. You can always count on a Ravenclaw to look into the “why” instead of knowing just the “what”.

Some Daxko Ravenclaws: Sam G., Justin W., and Janna B.

  • Gryffindors are unafraid of any tough task or project that may come their way. They will be the first ones to step up to tackle a difficult project. Gryffindors don’t rest until the job is done, and they are usually the ones you can find working during lunch or staying late. They love to be the hero – and love to mention that they are.

Some Daxko Gryffindors: Colby W., Nate W.

  • Slytherins will do anything in their power to achieve an end goal. You can always find a Slytherin asking the tough questions: “How can I do this? What is expected of me? What will the outcome be?”. Slytherins are also known for liking unity, but preferring to work solo – it’s the easiest way to make sure all the I’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. Slytherins are driven and work very competitively, because they love to be the best.

Some Daxko Slytherins: Deeanna S., Josh A.

If you’re not quite ready to jump on the Hogwarts Express, fear not. You can still visit Pottermore to sign up and get sorted into your own house. Now the real question is…where will the Sorting Hat place you?

Deeanna S. is a Customer Success Advocate (soon-to-be Software Trainer) and Tudor history buff who loves the outdoors.


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