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An Ode to Daxko

By April 12, 2016 No Comments

With a wave of my entry card and firm twist of the door handle,

I enter a workplace realm to which others couldn’t hold a candle.

The bright white walls flirt with hues of yellow, red, blue, and green,

And glass rooms paired with wall decals depicting Birmingham scenes!


I reflect briefly on the other themed rooms that make up this great space:

Spooky, Left Brain, Right Brain, Yoda, and even Dreamcakes.

And who could forget about House Divided

With those gloriously soft bean bags always sitting cheerfully lopsided?


I finally snap out of it and start walking towards my desk

When I spot one of our team leads rolling by on a scooter – very Daxko-esque.

He waves a quick hello, and with a firm push off his heel

My teammate scoots down the hallway on two small red wheels.


I drop my belongings off at my desk and say a quick hello,

Then it’s off to the Garage I go.

After grabbing my morning juice and chatting with a few 4th floor friends,

I hop up the stairs prepared to solve problems, ready for my day to officially begin.


In the morning I start answering calls and researching tricky cases

Alongside my teammates with discerning eyes and focused faces.

This particular morning consists of testing, researching, collaborating with our engineers,

And celebrating successful resolutions with resounding high fives, laughs, and cheers.


Before we realize it, it’s11:30, and we are told family lunch is now being served.

So for a short while we leave our bright ideas and workspaces unperturbed.

We march downstairs and take our places in line, eager to be fed,

Then we sit down with one another and quite literally break bread.


Back from lunch, I find a note on my desk with some words of encouragement;

A fun way to tell each other “you rule” or “Enjoy your weekend, you’ve earned it.”

And the rest of the day continues much the way it started

With determination, and high spirits from my teammates-goodhearted.


With just a few minutes left until five, I stand up, look around, and smile.

These people…

These astonishingly bright, talented, fun, and impressive individuals…

Make me want to stay later tonight and hang out for a while.


Because whether we’re helping troubleshoot hardware, or sharing pictures of grumpy dogs

Or teaching each other system functionality or starting sing-alongs

Whether we’re sharing silly viral videos or hilarious childhood stories

Or explaining the difference between childcare program categories


Whether we’re modifying custom reports or telling adventures of the places we have been

Or swapping game strategies and choreographing synchronous desk-chair spins.

Whether it’s learning how to juggle, or how to throw a combo move in Jiu Jitsu,

Stick around and let these people shine, let them motivate, and let them inspire you.

Alex L. is a Customer Success Advocate who enjoys sunshine and bicep curls.

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