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7 Ways to Gain Major Brownie Points with Your IT Team

By April 26, 2016 No Comments

Okay, everyone knows I don’t work in IT. However, the guys on Daxko’s IT Team are my friends, I call Steve K. “Uncle Steve,” and my husband is a Network Analyst and IT specialist for his company – so I hear many stories about the work they do and how they could do it better. I really respect and appreciate IT because without them, the workplace wouldn’t run smoothly. And honestly, even if you’re not in IT, it’s still your responsibility to be a good steward of the technology and devices you’re provided through your company. Here are 7 great tips for doing just that:

#1: Restart your computer when there’s a problem. The first question IT is going to ask when you come to them with a problem is “Have you restarted your computer?” Rebooting can often fix a multitude of issues, such as slowness, internet problems, or a program using too much memory. While rebooting isn’t a cure-all and there are sometimes other issues that need to be taken care of, you should always try it first before reaching out to IT.

#2: Submit a ticket instead of asking face to face. Tickets are better than walking over to the IT Team’s workspace because tickets allow them to document, prioritize, and efficiently work through requests. This benefits the company as a whole.

#3: Utilize Dropbox’s selective sync feature. We recently began using Dropbox for Business, and our IT team provided several training sessions to show how easy it is to use. One thing they discussed was how to turn on selective sync for both PCs and Macs. What is selective sync? It’s a feature that allows you to select only the folders you want to be synced on your computer, saving you a ton of space. If a teammate tells me that their computer is running slow, I immediately ask them if they’re using selective sync (you’re welcome, IT friends!) Think about it – Daxko is a big company with a lot of different teams who are all using Dropbox. That means there are multitudes of folders and files housed in our Dropbox account, and chances are, you do not need all of these files at your fingertips. If you’re not on the Sales team, for example, why would you sync the Sales folder to your Dropbox desktop app? Sync only the folders you need, and your computer will serve you better.

#4: Check the room calendar in Outlook. Ever walk to your meeting room only to find that someone else is already using it? When you’re booking a meeting, it’s important to take a quick look at the room calendar, not just your personal calendar, to make sure your meeting shows up. Also, make sure to choose “Meeting Request” instead of “Appointment”.

#5: Speak up about problems. IT is always ready to help, but they don’t always know about the issues team members encounter. If you experience a weird problem, chances are other team members could also experience the issue. Make sure to tell IT so they can fix it.

#6: Don’t open strange emails! This should go without saying, but if you receive an email that just seems off, don’t open it. Check to see who the sender is, what time the email was sent, and what the attachment name is. If it’s not something you’re expecting, forward it to the IT team to review. Or better yet, delete it and remove it from your Trash folder.

#7: Never open links or attachments from people or sites you’re not familiar with. Do you want a virus? I didn’t think so. Downloading attachments or clicking links from unfamiliar sites puts the entire network at risk, so just don’t do it!

You’ve got the info, so put it to action! Now is a great time to give your work habits a checkup to help yourself and your IT Team work more efficiently and effectively.

PS: In addition to brownie points, the Daxko IT Team also welcomes real brownies delivered to their pod.

Janna B. is the Daxko Nation Marketing Manager (and honorary member of the IT Team) who wishes she could’ve experienced the late 1960s/1970s and wants to train sea lions.

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