I’ve been at Daxko for a little over 60 days now, and I am so glad to be a part of this great company! I love getting up and coming to work every day, I have made a great group of friends who have taken me under their wings and shown me the Daxko ropes, and I am constantly challenged to think outside of the box (or in my case, think outside the checklist). My first unofficial day with Daxko was our annual Kickoff, where our CEO Dave let the whole company know I was the newest team member during his keynote. What a way to make an entrance! My first official day was our Spring Software Products Expo, where all of our software product teams gave insight to what they were working on. That was a little overwhelming, but even from day one, I knew this was the right career move for me.

Why do I love my job? I get the opportunity to build engaging communications for Daxko customers. From researching the organizations to creating exciting content for emails, and working closely with our Daxko Engage project manager to help streamline our processes for a seamless customer experience, every day at Daxko is a little different for me. It’s never boring!

I recently started attending a weekly extracurricular group called the Front End Guild that allows me to build my coding knowledge. I’ve always enjoyed learning new skills to have in my back pocket, and Daxko fosters that passion of mine. From our Learning Library (I’m standing in front of it in the photo above), to the Professional Development allowance, to being able to shadow others, there are tons of avenues to grow and learn here.

So far my time at Daxko has been a memorable experience, and I look forward to continuing to learn and grow and make many more memories here!

Emily Z. is a Digital Delivery Specialist who loves Milo’s hamburgers.

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