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How I’ve Shaped My Career (with help from Daxko)

By January 11, 2016 No Comments

IMG_3571 copyI’m Senthil S., and it’s my 6th year here at Daxko. When I begin to think of words that can describe my time here, these come to my mind: pride, gratifying, challenging, rewarding, fun, talent, friendship, thankful. I am going to tell you why. 

Being just another engineer in the market with good skill sets can get someone a job with great pay, benefits and so on. Yet, being an engineer, you know deep down that those are not the only driving factors. It is not enough. It is not enough to just spend the day writing code. It is not enough to develop something that meets the requirements. It not enough to play it safe all the time without any experimentation or innovation. It is not enough to learn just what is necessary to do your job. 

If you are like any of the engineers here at Daxko, you probably think of coding as an art. An art which exemplifies your craftsmanship and your desire for quality. You like to see your art go live and succeed. You want to learn new things, not just to get your job done, but to sharpen your intellect. You want to be surrounded by friends, not just co-workers, who share your passion and hold you accountable to high standards. You want growth. Finally and most importantly, you want to work in an environment that genuinely wants to nurture, preserve, and promote everything I said above. Daxko is one of such rare companies.

My time at Daxko speaks to what I said above. I joined as a Software Engineer in 2010. Over the years, I have worked on challenging projects and tasks that helped me sharpen my technical knowledge and problem solving skills. I have learned and stayed up-to-date with cutting edge technologies without investing much time outside work. I have learned to experiment and innovate, yet be practical. I have made good friends at work. I learned that my interest lies in leadership and management. I was able to work on my MBA degree thanks to Daxko’s generous professional development budget and team leads who were flexible with my work schedule. I was given an opportunity last year to manage and lead a talented team. I look forward to carry on the legacy by nurturing, preserving, improving, and promoting this great environment and culture for my team members.

I am proud to work for Daxko and thankful for a company that has helped me shape my career.

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