“You’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So… get on your way!”  — Dr. Seuss

Joel Black…I told myself I wasn’t going to start with a quote, but after much debate with myself, that’s pretty much what happened.

Since I first started at Daxko, it has always felt like there’s a new “mountain” to explore every day. And once I’ve figured my way around that mountain, a new one appears in the horizon begging to be explored. I began working in our Production Support Team where I learned so much regarding SQL and our web services and investigating and resolving issues our customers were experiencing.

Within a year I discovered my next “mountain”. I was offered an opportunity to join our Quality Assurance Team and within a month I was able to attend one of the biggest Software Testing Conferences in New York City, a feat which I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish without the use of Daxko’s professional development budget. Since then I’ve been able to grow continually and learn so much about what all is behind the software development process. The skills I brought with me from Production Support came quite handy while troubleshooting bugs and issues.  

My current “mountain” I’ve been exploring is in the mobile world, through working and testing our mobile apps and website integrations. I’ve been able to delve into programing test automation for mobile apps and write API tests as well. Through this journey I’ve been able to uncover more frameworks and technologies than I can shake a stick at. However it’s been a fantastic journey nonetheless. As for what’s next? We’ll have to see what new mountain the horizon uncovers next!

Joel B. is a guitar-playing QA Engineer who loves lasagna. He’s been at Daxko since 2013.

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