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In Tech, Every Day is a Learning Experience

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Meet Jason Q., a developer for Daxko’s flagship operational software. Jason has been with the company since 2012.

JasonQWhen I began my career at Daxko as a production support engineer, my team’s primary responsibility was working in the database and identifying bugs in the code to send to developers. While working in this role, I was exposed to a number of new technologies as well as concepts that I had previously not heard of or had no experience with. I’d never heard of Git or the concept of repositories, I didn’t know what stored procedures were, and I was new to processes like indexing and performance tuning. I was very green to all technology at that point since I had previously been exposed to SQL for only a year and a half. After two years as a production support engineer, I moved into a developer role. As a developer, I am still continually coming across something new in my work, whether it be a new Javascript framework or new ways to write cleaner code. I am constantly challenged by my teammates to not work just to complete a project, but to complete it in a way that assures quality so that the next developer who looks at the code will not want to pull their hair out.

One of the great perks at Daxko is the self-directed professional development allowance each team member is given to learn something new or just to sharpen skills on a particular concept or technology. I have used mine over the years in several different ways, including conferences (JSConf, RubyConf, Great Wide Open) and online courses through Pluralsight, Code School, and Team Treehouse. Each opportunity has helped me increase my knowledge as well as contribute to the overall success of my team.  

Another great boon of working on a development team at Daxko is not really tangible like some of the aforementioned. My team, specifically, is very concerned with all team members having the knowledge to do their jobs well and enjoying their work. On numerous occasions, I have asked teammates to sit with me and pair so I could understand a concept or code a better solution. My team lead constantly challenges me to stretch myself to find other avenues for the code that I write and questions my thought process about the code that I have written. It is very refreshing to work on a team that cares not only for the code that is being written, but the person writing the code as well.

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