ErikaErika B. is a multidisciplinary designer, thinker, researcher and strategist from Caracas, Venezuela. She is an alumni of Savannah College of Art and Design where she studied Industrial Design and Service Design. She works at Daxko as an Interaction Designer and during her free time, works as a community organizer at Code for Birmingham.

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Everyone has their own toolkit. Over time, people create their personal toolkit by collecting experiences and skills that allow them to express, think, create, and make. In my case, different places, experiences, and people have shaped my toolkit. The quest to expand it brought me to Birmingham, AL where I joined the Daxko Nation over a year ago as a designer and user experience advocate.

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I am going to share with you 3 things I’ve learned at Daxko and how they have shaped my toolkit and the person I am today.

1. You got this! Just focus on your strengths. Since day one at Daxko, strengths have been a hot topic. Daxko encourages us to identify our strengths and lean on them to succeed. Forget your weaknesses and focus every day to get better and to sharpen your strengths.

2. Be bold and dream the impossible. At Daxko, a sense of ownership is deeply embedded in every team member. With passion and persistence, you can achieve the impossible. Just step up and give yourself a chance to do the things no one will.

3. Co-create the ecosystem. Products are just a tiny piece from a larger system, an entire structure that needs to be thought out to deliver excellent experiences. Design, strategy, and technology teams work jointly to understand how products, services, systems and spaces work together. We do that by co-creating mutual value and empowering stakeholders to be designers.

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Daxko is a place where the opportunities for personal and professional growth are limitless. Daxko fosters collaboration, innovation, and leadership which allows team members expand their personal toolkit. 

What does your toolkit look like and what will you do next to expand it?

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