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A Culture that Fosters Team Member Development

By December 15, 2015 No Comments

Daniel V. is a Software Quality Assurance Engineer who has been at Daxko since 2006.

DanVanWhen I graduated from Auburn with an undergraduate and a graduate degree in business, I didn’t anticipate that one day my job title would include the word “engineer”. I began working at Daxko in 2006, and I’ll be honest – I didn’t know a lot about technology. Over the next 7+ years, I served in various roles as a member of the Support Services team, but I still had relatively few technical skills. What I did have was a ton of product and domain knowledge. Fortunately, this kind of knowledge is extremely valuable to our Quality Assurance team and team lead, so I was able grow my career last year and step into the role of QA engineer. One of the primary traits I’ve found that I need in my job is a desire to learn, especially since I come from a non-technical background.

Daxko definitely fosters this desire to learn. The company not only provides each team member with a generous budget to use for professional development each year, but there are plenty of chances to develop professionally on a daily basis in my role on a product development team. This year I’ve been able to attend the Conference for the Association of Software Testers (CAST) and the Software Testing Atlanta Conference (STAC) to learn more about my craft and develop my testing skills. I’ve also been able to use technologies like SQL and Ruby to contribute to the work we are trying to accomplish on my development team. Thankfully, Daxko team members are very willing to help others develop their skills, so there is always someone to ask when I have questions or a person willing to pair with me so I can learn. My team lead also helps foster my desire to learn. He helped me set a goal to develop my technical skills, with objectives to complete online tutorials and pair with other team members.

I had two other “real world jobs” before coming to Daxko, so I can say from experience that I don’t believe there are many companies with the same kind of culture that purposefully fosters team member development. If you have a desire to learn, you will most certainly grow at Daxko.

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