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If you haven’t tuned in or heard before, at Daxko we hold a monthly TMD (Team Member Development) series where we have different speakers or watch helpful videos on developing and improving our careers. This month our team member Becki I. spoke to us about the importance of creating a Company of Caring and Compassion-Why Inclusion Matters.

Becki began by telling her and her lovely son, Gabe’s story. This was a great transition into the considerations and suggestions Becki gave below.

  • Mobility: There are 30.6 million people in the United States that have a cognitive or physical disability. Of those, 19.9 million require a caregiver for basic needs. Be educated and aware of these numbers.
  • Facility: This particular YMCA is on the forefront of building a facility with the idea of “Universal Design” that includes everyone in the building and design of a facility.
  • Money: As Becki mentioned, this is a tough one to discuss. But it’s a reality. On average, those with disabilities make $1,960/month compared to $2,700/month for those who don’t have a disability. This can be difficult to balance given the cost of medical care and treatment.
  • Community: Community should act as a support system. You need people to survive. Don’t be afraid to have a conservation with those that have disabilities. Becki gave a great example/conversation starter. Simply asking what their story is can go a long way.
  • Inclusion: A great example of this is the “Miracle League” facilitated by the YMCA of Greater Houston. Watch more about this here.

Some things you can do today?

Becki also set up a great, simple, actionable exercise for everyone to participate in during the TMD. Take a post-it note of one color and write down some reflections about what you learned. On another color post-it note write down one commitment you’ll make that is caring and compassionate to someone with a disability. We encourage you to try the same and write down one way you would do the same. What will you do today?


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