If you haven’t tuned in or heard before, at Daxko we hold a monthly TMD (Team Member Development) series where have different speakers or watch helpful videos on developing and improving our careers. This month team members gathered to watch a video presentation by Ann-Marie Slaughter focused on balance career and caring in our lives.

April B. opened the door to discussions about ideas around creating the balance of career and caring.  Here are some thoughts and ideas discussed in the video and afterwards by team members that the awesome Deeanna S. captured for all of us:


Flexible Workplace: Work from home, go home when necessary. The issue isn’t flexibility, but that there is a stigma associated with taking advantage of flexibility.
Customizable Workplace: Why can’t we think of a customized workplace? Sit down with someone and customize what you want your career path to be.
Collaborative Workplace: Care enough to ask what is going on in other people’s lives; trust makes people tell you what is going on, makes them willing to collaborate.
Creative Workplace: Creativity does not happen if you’re “on” 24/7. Creative people need down time.
Productive Workplace:  “Results Only Work Environment” (ROWE) – you can work wherever, whenever, as long as your produce specific results. Countries that invest in their people are more successful as a whole.

These values and approaches are something we identify with at Daxko. Creating a culture focused on people and outcomes really helps us enjoy what we do here.

Also, here’s a link provided by April B. that goes deeper into what Ann-Marie Slaughter discusses as well as a video towards the bottom.


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