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The Importance of Using Your Professional Development Allocation

I just got back from a trip to Seattle and Portland, where I visited some of our customers and went to UserConf. I am fortunate enough to work at Daxko, a place that actively encourages taking time off to better yourself, and gives you the funds to do so. Here are a couple things I learned on my Professional Development trip, and some tips on how to get that experience, even if you don’t leave the office!

  • Get outside of your box: Normally, as a Customer Success representative, I’m on the phones or answering support emails. For this trip, I was face to face with some of our customers, which is a completely different situation. You get to see how someone reacts to a piece of information, and it’s quicker than an email correspondence. This trip definitely helped me grow my communication skills. Take on a different project than you normally would, or shadow someone who has a different role in the company.
  • You are not alone: UserConf is a conference about education and insight for people working in customer support in the tech industry. Obviously, I work on a team of other Customer Success reps, but it was nice to meet people from other companies who are in a similar role. It was so cool to hear about the different tools and policies other companies have in place, and seeing if that information could be applied to Daxko. I would recommend going to happy hour or something with your coworkers in your department, and just talk about how they organize themselves, or certain practices they put in to place. You might have the perfect answer for something they’ve been struggling with!

It was great getting to explore some of the country I’ve never been to, but I did miss my sweet home, Alabama! I hope anyone reading can use these tips wherever they are.

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