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If you haven’t tuned in or heard before, at Daxko we hold a monthly TMD (Team Member Development) series where have different speakers, both internally and externally come and speak to us on a range of topics. This month we had Dave Gray, Daxko’s very own CEO give us an in depth walk-through of “Doing Business Operations” inside of Daxko.

We won’t get into the details, but Dave walked the attendees through some basics around how our business looks like from a financial stand point, where we are currently, and what that could look like in the future. He gave the audience the opportunity to ask questions during this as well.

This is another great example of how transparent Daxko is. Not all companies provide this level of detail or have a platform to have these discussions. We also have a few other platforms to ask these questions , such as our weekly Q&A’s with Dave on Friday mornings, our monthly Daxko Wide meetings, and our annual Daxko Kick-Offs.

We really enjoy these TMD’s. They’re refreshing and can help us think about our career in different ways.

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