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Daxko TMD: True Life: Confessions of a Design Doctor

By June 12, 2015 No Comments


Whitney Taylor, our “Air Traffic Controller” who makes everything happen was nice enough to give us a run down on how to make your presentations and slides not be terrible. With matching slides and outfit, she gave all who attended some great tips on rocking your next presentation.

Here are few points she discussed
-“Bullets are for guns, not presentations”
-Keep topics to one idea per slide
-Your visuals shouldn’t run the show
-2-3 fonts max
-Avoid Clipart, and utilize icons
-“Text is like calories, cut it wherever you can.”

Artistic Anecdotes
-“Put a drop shadow on it!”
-Character spacing makes for a clean look
-Use shapes!
-Convert photos to black and white and use bright colors for a “pop”

And here are some of the resources that she shared with us:
-For slide inspiration:
-For color palettes:
-For free fonts:
-What I didn’t mention:
-Great book or professional development opportunity 

This was a stellar TMD with a lot of great quick take-aways. Thanks again, Whitney!


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