I’ve been at Daxko just a little over 2 years now. It’s been quite an experience. I’ve learned so much in a very short amount of time. I’d like to share 5 things that I’ve learned both at Daxko and in my career.

  1. Diverge, emerge, and converge. Jason B. and Will S. at Daxko really opened my eyes up with this one. Once you learn the basics of Gamestorming, solving problems and developing a shared understanding become easier and clearer.
  2. Don’t hesitate, iterate. Make the best decision with the information that you have at the time, and iterate after if needed. Take a note from Spotify’s and Intercom’s approach to creating this culture.
  3. Embrace uncertainty. Things change. Plans change. When was the last time you had a plan that went smoothly? Freak outs get you no where, and sometimes opportunities arise when plans change. I love Fred Destin’s take on this.
  4. Everyone is a mentor. If you look at everyone you work with and think “I could learn something from them,” nothing bad will come of it. Bonus: Sometimes you learn “what not to do” from people more often than not. 🙂
  5. Trust and Respect. To be in a collaborative team means first and foremost having respect and trusting your counterparts to do their parts. Without trust and respect, you get dysfunction. David Marquet hints at this in his talk.

We continue to learn everyday, and that is truly what drives us. What have you learned in your career?

Alex S. is a Product Manager who strives to create awesome experiences.

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