How many times do you see an HR practitioner and a manager sitting and discussing things?  What do you think when you see those two go into a room?  Good or bad?

I challenge all professionals to change that perception.

One of the competencies that the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) is basing its certification model is Business Acumen.  Immediately, people think how the business works, what terminology and processes are in different departments and the effects of different decisions.  Yes, but I challenge you to start looking at and learning this competency differently.

SHRM Competency

Two team members pictured above are discussing how to utilize the competencies and processes of different areas in the business to make our training and our efforts more effective.  In this instance, Kim and JB are discussing the sales process and closing a deal.  This is so applicable in Daxko’s People team realm of recruiting because we are seeking the best talent in a tight technology market.  Attracting and successfully recruiting the best requires the skill of sales.  From the opening pitch to closing the deal or getting the offer letter signed.

Daxko are not naïve to believe we are the only company going after the best and top talent.  But how can the Daxko brand win over others if the candidate doesn’t know about it or is not open to hearing it?

Here are some additional examples of incorporating other team’s processes into the HR realm:

  • The People team adoption the Agile project management methodology.
  • The People team has talked to the Professional Services team to implement some concepts to train our team member and assess knowledge gained or how to best train team members on a new ADP software feature.
  • The People team lead is part of the regularly schedule Agile coaches meeting.
  • The People team works closely with marketing to identify methods of branding and search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure that Daxko jobs are being seen by the most people.
  • The Talent Acquisition Specialist sat with marketing to learn how to read Google analytics for the Daxko career site.

We believe that learning, not just about the business but how the each department operates within the business (People team) better able apply those concepts and competencies in understanding the overall nature of the business and industry.  These are things that will develop us professionally and are not only applicable at Daxko.

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