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Daxko TMD: Leading with Influence

By March 5, 2015 No Comments

We had a great turn out to kick off our TMD  (Team Member Development) series for the year. This time around, Will S, Director of Product Strategy and Design at Daxko gave us a nice run down on how to lead with influence. Will started his talk out by referencing both Game of Thrones and Office Space to display different styles of leadership. Right off the bat I think most people can relate. Without even trying to butcher it, let’s take a look at a recap and steps of Will’s talk on “Leading with Influence.”

  1. Imagine a better tomorrow: Sharing your vision is important to develop a shared understanding.
  2. Inspire others to see: “People need to know you before they’ll trust you.” Will brought up a great TED talk that speaks to how simply starting something could begin a movement.
  3. Foster a common identity: “Which do you want more: to win the argument or to be effective?” Andy Stanley, Senior Pastor of North Point Community Church
  4. Let go of control: Will refers to a great talk by David Marquet, who led a Navy sub from the absolute worst rated sub to the highest rating of any sub in history.
  5. Lead from the trenches: It’s about inspiring action, not about conquering.


You can also find his slides here. Keep an eye out for more posts and topics of our Daxko TMD series.

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