Growing up, I was the baby of the family for many years.  So when I got sick or hurt, I had many people take great care of me and check on me.  (No, I am not spoiled!)

One time I had my wisdom teeth taken out, like 3 at once.  If you have ever had this procedure done then you know the pain associated with recovery.  My step mother called me to check on me and I was crying.  She said something that I remember to this day, “The more you cry the more it is going to hurt.” Ok, not a big eureka moment but basically the more you tense up the more you will feel the pain.

Why is this important?

I have actually taken this and applied it to my entire life.  I have realized that when I get the flu shot, it doesn’t hurt as much if I don’t tense up my muscles.  So I look away from the needle and take deep breaths.  When I am upset or frustrated about something, it is very hard if not nearly impossible for me to come up with a good resolution in that mind set. Typically in those situations I walk away, listen to music or do something that will take my mind away and try not to think about it.

My VP/mentor Dawn, has told me many times and suggested to team leads when dealing with consultation of team member relations to sleep on it.  Sleep on it.  Sometimes after take some time away from the situation and coming back with a clear mind is best for everyone.

Of course there are times where an immediate decision is needed and as I grow professionally I am more able to make those calls. Fewer things tend to bother me emotionally that I have to “walk away” from.

One thing that we have agreed to on the People team is to tell each other when to “take a walk”. What this means is a team member can see when the other is stressed or frustrated and it is showing externally.  When that happens, we simply HipChat the other “Take a walk”. Or we ask does anyone want to take a walk with me and maybe nudge that particular person a little more than others.

Bottom line, take time to distress, calm down or get your bearing before charging forward with emotion.  This will work out best for everyone.

Concetta L. is a bean counter turned social butterfly. She loves to laugh, sing, dance and sleep. Just trying to figure out how to do it all at once.

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