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Adapting to Change

By February 16, 2015 No Comments

You know what they say; “humans are creatures of habit.” Which means your first instinct is to kick and scream when change is brought into your life. At Daxko, this is about every five minutes, so we have to get rid of that first instinct! As I come up on six months at Daxko, I have learned to embrace and enjoy the change. On the Customer Success team, I think we have a little more change than normal. Over 2014, we had 12 team members move to different departments, which meant 12 new members were hired, trained, and are now flourishing! Since January 2015, we have already hired 3 new team members. New team leads were also put in place. So you see, we have a LOT of change in our lives!  Here are a couple tips that I have learned when adapting to change:

  • Change is inevitable: Think about a year ago. Where are you now? How many things have changed? Whether it’s subtle or distinct, slow or immediate, change is always happening. So keep that in mind, and keep your eyes open to see the changes!
  • Nothing is permanent: In the Support team, we are trying out some new processes with our scheduling. However, before we started the change, our team leads told us, “if this doesn’t work, let us know, and we will either change it back or change it to something else.” It was good to know that if this change set our lives into turmoil, we would be able to change back. This is true for most things in life!
  • A good attitude helps a lot: When you are going through these “growing pains” of change, just remember most of the time it’s for the best. There are some times where you just want to rip out your hair and make sure nothing ever changes, but once you get to the finish line, you’ll look back and say “this is such a better way of doing things!”
  • Others are going through the same thing: Most of the time, you are not the only one going through changes. At work, it’s probably your department. In life, it might be someone in your family. With the help of the internet, you can almost always find someone who can relate, and maybe even give you some advice on how to cope with the changes. And after your change, be sure to reach out to someone who you see going through, so you can give them advice!

So no matter what, change is probably not as terrible as we humans tend to make it out to be. And who knows, maybe you’ll like where you end up even more than where you started!

Kelsi D is an Accounting Support Rockstar who loves her cats, her Kindle, and helping associations have their best budget in Daxko Accounting yet!

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