Kickoff Top Chef CompetitionDaxko held our 11th annual Kickoff last Thursday night and all day Friday. As is appropriate for us, the theme was all about food, including a knock-off of Top Chef complete with legit celebrity judges and a highly competitive “fight to the death” rendition of The Hunger Games.

We use this “cultural event” each year to highlight what we accomplished in the previous year and to celebrate our wins and learn from our shortcomings. Although, we had a lot to cheer from 2014, which by some measures was our biggest year yet, we certainly recognize we’re far from perfect and have a ton of work ahead of us if we’re going to reach our full potential.

Kickoff is a unique opportunity to get the entire team together to communicate where we’re headed and connect the dots between our 3-year strategy and annual goals & objectives all the way down to our various teams and individual team members.

All of this is meant to start the new year running with a clear view of where we’re going, and I feel like we accomplished that.

Daxko TeamBut it also acted as a crystal clear reminder to me of the phenomenal team we’ve been blessed to assemble, why I’m eager to get to the office every morning, and the potential that lies ahead for Daxko, our team and our customers.






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