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TMD Recap: The Daxko Nation, Who we Are, Who we Serve, and How We Defend The Hill

By November 24, 2014 No Comments

For our November 2014 TMD (Team Member Development) series our very own April Benetollo, SVP of Marketing at Daxko, led a session on “The Daxko Nation-Who we are, who we serve, and how we defend the hill.” Below is a quick recap of the session.

Who we are
The leading partner for progressive member-based or organizations committed to engaging their communities to drive impact.

Who we serve

  • We partner with several YMCAs throughout the country
  • Y’s became the largest provider of childcare in the country in the 1970’s
  • We have about 50% of our core market
  • We also partner with various Jewish Community Centers

How we defend the hill

  • We stay innovative and have a culture that matches the values of our customers
  • We understand the outcomes our customers are trying to achieve, and help them make an impact on their communities

This TMD is a great reminder of how Daxko plays an important role in what our customers are trying to accomplish, and the impact that we can help make across the country.

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