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By November 17, 2014 2 Comments

We have started asking our recently hired team members if they wanted to contribute a post to the Culture Blog sharing their experience or thoughts after they have been with the company for about 30 days or so.  Here is one from Daniel F who joined the Production Support team as a Production Support Engineer.

Hey, everyone! I have been asked to share with you what my first 30 days at Daxko have been like, and the timing could not be better. You see, I just finished chatting with my mom about exactly this topic, so I transcribed all of it below. Enjoy!


Mom: Tell me about your new company! Also, you should call more.


Dan: The most noticeable benefit to working at Daxko is the casual work environment. Take a tour of the office (or just look above at the conference room I’m sitting in) and you’ll see that it’s a fun and colorful place to work in. But for me, the most important benefit is that Daxko has been invested in my career from day one. Yes, they let me wear jeans and a hoodie to work every day. But more than that, Daxko encourages me to take ownership of work that I’m passionate about. They helped me identify my strongest leadership traits, as well as how to leverage those strengths in order to succeed at my job. And if I want to attend a conference or take a course that will help develop my career, Daxko will cover it. It’s pretty great that they care as much as I do about my success.


Mom: That is lovely! What is it that you do again? Something with computers?


Dan: (*sighs*) Um, technically I can’t disagree with that. But more specifically, I am a Production Support Engineer. That pretty much means I work behind the scenes of our software products to ensure that our customers remain happy. Think of my team like a bunch of firefighters, and instead of watching over the people in a town, we watch over the customers using our products. We use hoses (computers) to fight fires (software bugs), and we rescue kittens (customers) from trees (trees). I think this once-strong metaphor is falling apart, but hopefully it helped a little.


Mom: Oh, how nice! Are you making any friends?


Dan: Geez, Mom… you ask that like I’m 9 years old at summer camp. Yes, the people here are delightful. Every single day, our team members are positive and friendly and helpful, and Daxko does a wonderful job of reinforcing that culture. Already in my first month, Daxko has rewarded its team members with a tailgating party… at a brewery… with dogs. ADORABLE DOGS! Next up is the Daxko Halloween Party and Costume Contest. And next month is Impact Day, where we do outreach work in the community. It’s easy to fit in with the Daxko family because we’re constantly doing fun things.


Ok, I have to go do laundry now… you know… since you won’t let me mail it to you anymore…


Mom: Well your job sounds wonderful! I am so much more proud of you than my other children!


Dan: Thanks, Mom!



  • Kim Bailey says:

    Great post, Dan! What a novel way to get to know you (through your mother’s eyes)! I love it! Welcome to the Daxko Nation and we are so glad to have you fighting fires for us and rescuing kittens (you’re right, that does fall apart as it goes along). Anyway, great to have you!

  • Ashley Dorough says:

    This is great Dan! Thanks for always saving the customers from kittens hanging from trees with bugs! That was the metaphor right? Cheers!

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