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How We Work Together

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Sometimes it’s good to bring out a previous post to re-establish what we want to say instead of typing it all over again.  We are currently looking for a Software Engineer in our Atlanta office.  Alex S, one of the team members in our ATL office, wrote the below post after being with Daxko for 6 months.  He asked that we repost this because it is still an accurate reflection of How We Work.


Original post July 2013

I’ve been at Daxko for about 6 months now. The aspect that stands out the most in my position is the opportunity to work and collaborate with a great team, organization, and customers.  How we function together internally as a team, and externally with customers easily plays a role in how we work on a daily basis. Here are just a few ways of how we work.

How we work (2)
We draw together.
You can never underestimate the power of more than one mind or the simplicity of drawing.  We draw together to discover different paths to the solutions of problems we are trying to solve.  There are no wrong answers, no judging, and no restrictions. We come together to hash out what we have in our heads and converge on those sketches.


How we work 3

We brainstorm with customers.

We don’t’ always have the right answers, and that’s ok. We try to keep a steady flow of customer interaction that takes shape in a variety of ways. It could be customer feedback calls, user testing, or even a brainstorming session around the features and enhancements our customers would like to see next.


How we work 4



We reflect together.

As part of our Agile culture, we do a retrospective at the end of a two week sprint of work.  This is a simple way of observing:
-What went well
-What didn’t go well
-And what can we do differently
We even experiment with different ways to do retrospectives just to keep it interesting. However, regardless of how we do a retrospective, we each have an opportunity to express our thoughts and almost always have clear actionable steps to make the next sprint better.


How we work 5
We even “work” with Legos and toy cars.
We use Lego figures and HotWheels as avatars to keep track of who is working on what. Nothing else significant; I just like to tell people that I play with toys at work.

Collaboration is a very important component in how we work across our company. It’s baked deep within our culture, and removes any barriers to asking questions, moving forward, and
How do you work?


Alex S. is a Product Manager who strives to create awesome experiences.

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