Customer Success Story: Tampa Metro Area YMCA Uses Daxko Engage

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This post was originally featured on Daxko’s Product Blog.

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Kim-Gilchrist-blog_thumbThis month, we’re featuring Kim Gilchrist at the Tampa Metro Area YMCA.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your role at the Tampa Metro Area YMCA.
I am the Ops Executive at the Central City YMCA in Tampa Fl.  I have been with the YMCA for over 10 years ranging from Wellness to Operations.

How do you use Daxko Engage on a daily basis?
We use Daxko Engage daily at the Central City Y with our Manager on Duty roles and are bringing it to the Wellness floor this month.  It is useful in so many areas for us with members.

Can you walk us through an example of how Daxko Engage helped you interact with a member?
We are still in the beginning stages but all the staff love the tool, it is helpful for new staff learning names, to seasoned staff using the tasks to further engage and remember names. We look forward to continued growth with Daxko Engage as an awesome tool to help us get members engaged, retained, and provide on the spot outstanding service.

Any tips you wish someone had told you when you started using Daxko Engage?
Some staff are hesitant but after some patience and coaching it is a fun tool that is useful for all to use. We did put an iPad in a central location in the membership area and allowed wellness and membership to float back and forth to the screen and back to the floor to get familiar with the program and now they are getting accustomed to taking around with them on the floor.

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