We have started asking our recently hired team members if they wanted to contribute a post to the Culture Blog sharing their experience or thoughts after they have been with the company for about 30 days or so.  Here is one from Kelsi D who joined the Customer Success Team as a Support Services Rockstar.

In August, I was fortunate enough to be selected to be Daxko’s newest Accounting Support Rockstar. From the very beginning, I knew Daxko was different than anywhere else I had worked (I mean, who gets to be called a rockstar at work, other than actual rockstars?). A month in, and I am not disappointed. From the delicious food at Family Lunch to the weekly meetings with my team, I am constantly impressed with the way Daxko values their team members.

Dave G, Daxko’s CEO, said at one of the first company-wide meetings I was able to attend, that he wants all of the employees to feel appreciated. One of the ways Daxko does this is by all the “little perks”: free lunch every Friday, unlimited sodas, and a beautiful work space. However, these perks mean nothing to me if the work I do isn’t valued. Thankfully, this is not the case! Every day, I get in my car and am excited to come to work, because I know I will be helping people, and they value my help. I get to help good people too, since all of our clients are busy serving their communities, and that makes me feel even better! Most importantly, I know the company I work for values my work as well, and this is how I know I have picked a great place to work.

I also really appreciate the frequency and quality of communication at Daxko. Every day, my team has a Stand Up meeting, in which we discuss new developments in the software, which is very important for me to be effective in my position. We also have frequent team meetings, where our team lead asks about what’s working and what needs to be adjusted for us to work well together. These sorts of meetings could be a waste of time if used ineffectively, but our team lead works hard to make these a valuable resource for our team, and it definitely shows.

I am very privileged to work at such a great company.  I am so excited to see where this great adventure with Daxko leads!

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