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One Year with Pea!

By September 4, 2014 No Comments

Just over a year ago, a lost, cold, tag-less and friendly Boston terrier approached me as I was leaving to work one June rainy morning. I picked her up, took her inside and told my wife “I found a French bull dog” (I was ignorant of the difference between the two breeds then.)

Fast-forward a year later, and we have officially adopted her, and so has the Daxko Atlanta office. Pea participates in our regular activities, such as our daily stand ups, sprint retrospectives, and even our family lunches every once in a while.

With her being a part of the team, I’d like to share our 5 Reasons why a dog in the office is a good thing.

  1. They’re a necessary distraction: Sometimes you need to get your creative juices flowing, and walking a dog is just what you need. Plus, walking is healthy.
  2. They’re good listeners: Humans are great to talk to, but talking to a dog is a whole other level. Dogs listen for cues for food or a walk all the time. So when you speak to them, it’s as if they are actually listening to what you’re talking about. 
  3. They greet EVERYONE: No matter who walks into the office, that person is going to feel loved when they walk in.
  4. Free entertainment: Dogs aren’t on the payroll.
  5. They bring happiness: Bottom line is that they’ll make you smile.


Without further ado, I’d like to share some moments we’ve captured of Pea in the office over the past year.

pea blog post pic 3

 pea blog post pic 4 (1) pea blog post pic 2 (1) pea blog post pic 5 pea blog post pic 6

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